Do you hear me Sista?!

June 24, 2005

I can’t remember being this bone tired ever in my life even when I was working 9-5 and working a second job from 6:30-2:30 a.m. Today my daughter cried for about 5 hours and my son cried for about 2 hours. My husband comes in and I start to explain that I was exhausted and that the kids both were making me crazy. He said, “Oh you can handle it.” Is he crazy? I really can’t handle it. No one in their right mind would be able to handle it. He could never do what I do even for a day. He started telling me to go to work and he would stay with the kids. Right! Sure! I tried to get him to hold my daughter (she is 10 weeks old) for 5 minutes the other night so that I could eat but he told her to be quiet within the first minute and a half. So I strapped on the baby bjorn and tried to shove my sandwich down my throat without getting crumbs in the babies hair. Lately I feel like I do not have even a second for myself. I am on Mommy duty from the moment I get up until the moment my weary head hits the pillow for the 3 hours of broken sleep I am going to get for the night. What I hate more than anything these days is the utter lack of respect my husband shows me these days. I have tiny pearls of quiet in between the moments my colicy baby lets me put her down and my son is not clinging to my legs, I do not want to waste those precious moments picking up my husbands dirty socks, washing his dirty dishes, throwing out is junk mail that ends up piled on the dining room table or cleaning up the stove and counter after he makes himself lumch or dinner. God damnit man I demand respect and if you are not going to clean up after yourself, at least acknowledge that what I do requires work; besides patience, love, energy, sensitivity, humor, dedication and unselfishness. He makes me feel like he thinks I am on vacation. Validate me MAN!


One Response to “Do you hear me Sista?!”

  1. Binny said

    I sure did hear you..all the way over here in Australia, cause its exactly what happened to me when my kids were younger, except as you know, he works away 90% of the time. just remember, things DO get easier as they get older. Invite some friends around to help and give them a coffee in return. You will be amazed how many ppl will think you ‘can handle it’, and not know how crazy you are feeling. love ya maria

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