What the F*ck??

October 23, 2005

Can someone please tell me what the hell is hanging between Paris’ legs? Is her ass falling off? Was she once a dude?


8 Responses to “What the F*ck??”

  1. momyblogR said

    Ewww, I don’t know but it’s freakin scary!!

  2. Bekkah said

    Oh dear God…what the hell????

  3. onangelwings said

    Momyblogr and Bekkah – Damn girls I was hoping someone could tell me! I know the chick is skinny but really what is all that skin?

  4. mamalife said

    Oh, yuck!

  5. Teresa said

    I think its the hamburger she ate in that sexy commmercial, it went straight to her ass.

  6. That Aussie Chic said

    finally, all us big bottomed girls get the last laugh. Paris has a serious problem with her skinny ass, and now its sagging…boo hoo lol

  7. That Aussie Chic said

    oh girls i think ive worked it out… she has her left arm behind her back and shes pulling her wedgie outta her butt….!!!!!

  8. onangelwings said

    Ahhh..now that might make sense.

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