My Very Own Pa Ingalls

January 15, 2006

Last night about 10:45 pm we lost power due to the tremendous wind that whipped through starting at about 4:00 pm. It was inevitable! We were expecting it. We were ready! Battery lanterns, glow sticks, all four of us in one bed for body heat. Why we didn’t start the wood stove last night is beyond me. I think we were a little busy doing things grown-ups do when kids are asleep. This morning we woke up to the house being 50 degrees, tons of beer and food in the fridge (Bek and Ohio were coming over today).

I dressed both kids warmly and my hubby started the wood stove. I entertained the troops while my hub put the beer and food in boxes on the deck to keep cold, brewed a pot of coffee by boiling water on the wood stove and pouring it into the coffee filled filter, warmed some milk for the Precious Toddler, and fried up some bacon in a pan on the wood stove. He came up and put a DVD into the laptop for the boy then plowed some snow. After the power came back on he made us a big brunch.

He is now catching some much deserved ZZ’s on the couch while watching a football game.

What can I say? He’s a good man!!!


2 Responses to “My Very Own Pa Ingalls”

  1. holli said

    That was great – for a few seconds I thought you were quoting one of the Little House books.. well, up until you said “glow stick.”

    It’s great you have a good man AND a wood stove!! I looked at the pics on your other blog – you have a lovely family!!

  2. onangelwings said

    Holli, thank you for the kind words. LOL yeah you are right…I don’t think they had glow sticks back then.

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