Pearls of the Internet

April 30, 2006

If I didn’t surf, I would never find these fine gems..

The Home page of Peter Pan

If you get a chance check out Peter Pan’s Fashion Page
This guy is a friggin hoot

Forever A Kid
For all your baby needs??????

Who doesns’t love a man with butt ruffles and a paci??


6 Responses to “Pearls of the Internet”

  1. JeepGirl said

    These are very odd photos!

    And I still don’t understand the peter pan site.

  2. onangelwings said

    I totally agree. I don’t understand it, don’t even want to understand it. Crazy!

  3. Lala's world said

    ok I am kind of afraid to go to the I am forever a kid site!!! that creepy or what??

  4. onangelwings said

    It is creepy and strange. But I am wharped so it was a bit funny for me.

  5. Lala's world said

    ok I just checked out the sites!!! the peter pan guy is 52!! he looks SO much younger than that!! and the other site….is that for real????

  6. onangelwings said

    Lala-I do believe that site is real! Crazy huh? Peter Pan is 52? Wow, I guess the fountain of youth is a pair of green tights and pointy shoes. I’ve got to try that!

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