My Newest Favorite Find

May 17, 2006

Ahhh…I truly don’t care what the reason behind this lovely concoction is; my taste buds are so happy right now. Some have stated that Coca Cola was trying to compete with a coffee crazy era but for a nursing mom who gets only about 5 hours of broken sleep a night; up from 3 a year ago; I am in love.

The website, with the throaty spokeswomen tells us that this is the original coke effervescense with coffee essence. Whatever it is I wish the bottle was bigger!

I do believe this is COKE in a bottle!


7 Responses to “My Newest Favorite Find”

  1. holli said

    I saw that – at first I thought it was caffeinated coke, but.. duh, coke has caffeine. So does it taste good? It seems expensive for coke. But then again, I pay for a venti bucks drink every day, so what the hell am I saying?

  2. AverageMom said

    I just saw this advertised today! I don’t think we get it here in Canada yet (if ever). I want some! What does it taste like? Is it coffee flavour? I just don’t get it, but I want to. What could go wrong…it’s Coke and coffee, my favourite things!

  3. onangelwings said

    Holli – I was dying to try this since hearing the commercial and couldn’t tell you what it cost. You are probably right. It is probably expensive. There are no Starbucks near me so I am so jealous that you get to have that daily. I get to have it at Thanksgiving when I head to the mall for some Christmas shopping.

    Average Mom, It is really good. Will I be buying a six pack anytime soon? Probably not. It is one of those things that you could possibly get sick of if you have too many. I agree…coffee and coke perfect together. I am a coffee freak but I try to limit myself to a cup a day instead of the 6 I used to drink before babies. Sorry to hear that you don’t have it by you.

  4. C. H. Green said

    First time I’ve seen it. But I want to try it. I wonder if it’s gotten to Tennessee yet??? Come by and visit me sometime. Enjoyed your blog.

  5. JeepGirl said

    Wow – never seen this before. I’ll have to try it.

  6. onangelwings said

    C.H. I guess it should make its way to you. It is worth a try.

    Jeepgirl – Go for it. We only live once. Make sure it will be hours before bedtime.

  7. Alice H said

    Coca-Cola Blech! I tried it, couldn’t stand it – and I drink about six cups of coffee/decaf a day. I kept the rest of the four-pack around to inflict on unsuspecting friends as a prank.

    And how the heck do you pronounce it? You’d think it would be Black, but there’s a macron over the ‘a’- so is it pronounced Blake? Since you’ve seen a commercial and I haven’t, I figured you’d know.

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