May 25, 2006

63.4 million votes and I was not one of them. I tried for 3 hours about 50 times but could not get through!!

OMG I am so friggin exited. I will have a drink for Taylor because as Holli says “I am a Goober.”

I adore Taylor he is talented and I believe deserved to win!! Ok…patting myself but he was one of my faves

OK…it was cool that Chris sang with Live. I love that Carrie Underwood sang I love Elliott singing U2 with Mary J. Blige that rocked! But what the hell man this is a big venue; you would think they could get some bigger names.

They dusted off Dionne Warwick, Meatloaf and Prince! I was falling asleep. I even really really hated the montage of Idol concert songs. Zzzzz….

And..what the hell was going on with the whole Meatloaf thing…man that truly sucked.

Wolfgang Puck and Ditzy Kelli..who the hell came up with that?

The whole Clay thing with that crazy weirdo dude..what the heck!? I need to see it again, because I want to see when they officially shut off his mic. Did he really think that we were going to watch him do a whole song? That was really funny!

I am so happy you would think I gave birth to Taylor myself.


5 Responses to “YOUR AMERICAN IDOL IS……TAYLOR "Soul Patrol" HICKS”

  1. angeLboo said

    satellite broadcast of american idol is delayed here in my country so i have to wait until nighttime here before i could watch but i couldn’t wait any longer and am truly psyched to know who will win. thank you maria! šŸ™‚

  2. Lala's world said

    I thought it was good last night and I agree that meatloaf sucked….I told the girls oh man I love this guy and this is one of my all time favorite songs like EVER and then he started singing and the girls were like…”why is his voice shaking like that?”….wowser like can we say what the????

    anyways I am thrilled that Taylor won and I enjoyed watching the others all sing again too!

  3. holli said

    I agree – what was up with the weird Clay segment. Just freaky!! I thought Mary J. could have let Elliot shine a little more.

    Was I the only one who thought Toni Braxton was very transvestite like last night? Usually I love her!

    I was a goob with you – never fear. I’m always a goob!!! A goob would not have tried to unsuccesfully vote for hours on end.

    I’m glad I have a soul sister out there!!

  4. Lisa said

    I was so happy for Taylor too. Yeah I was shocked to see Clay Aiken he has changed so much but that was so funny they turned off the other guys mic and he acted like he had no idea. I loved seeing Prince after all these years.

  5. onangelwings said

    Angel – U R very welcome.

    LaLa – Really, WHAT was up with that??

    Holli – You are so right. Clay and his hair relaxer was very strange. I am dying to watch it again, so I will be searching online today. About Toni; what the hell? She did look like a tranny. It seemed like her mic wasn’t working or something. She kept doing this weird fish mouth thing. Taylor totally out sung her!

    Lisa – Taylor really deserved it. He is just so entertaining. Clay and his early day twin were very strange but very entertaining.

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