Damn Dancing with the Friggin Stars

October 5, 2006

Ok…ok..I will admit it…I started watching Dancing with the stars again. I got sucked in once before but I didn’t want to do it..I didn’t want to do it…I really didn’t Mr. Gable. Anyway, I digress..I put it on because I really wanted to see Joey Mr. Clean/Yul Brenner Lawrence. What the hell happened to Joey’s hair? Was it a sickness? Was it a hairline thing? I think it looks great, I just really want to know.

So I tuned in I think the fourth show which was an elimination show. Harry Hamlin was voted off. Whatever I could care less really I was just really interested in watching Mario, Joey and Cheryl Burke dance. Her body is incredible.

Let’s talk about Mario…who didn’t have a crush on AJ Slater? The boy/man has moves that I would love to see up close and personal.

(Damn Blogger won’t let me put in Mario’s picture. After 3 attempts I give up..time to put the kids to bed)

Then there is Joey “Mr. Clean/Yul Brenner” Lawrence…he’s a cutie. Well beside the overwaxed, over arched eyebrows and head nodding (Mr. Humble). He reminds me of Oprah’s Nate Berkus.


One Response to “Damn Dancing with the Friggin Stars”

  1. holli said

    I got so bummed that they booted Tucker Carlson on the first episode I didn’t watch it again. I’m sorry – I can usually chat with you about our reality show addictions!

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