While Surfing…………

February 24, 2007

I found this site about living in Squalor.

No, I don’t live in squalor, not even close. I was reading a news story about those 3 sisters who were found living with their mother in complete and utter filth and somehow fell upon a site called “Squalor Survivors”.

If you ever feel that you can’t play with your kids because the house needs to be dusted or you have no time to sit and read a book because there are dishes in your sink..check out the photos on this site and remember that your house isn’t as bad as you think.

So enjoy your kids, your life, and YOU!


One Response to “While Surfing…………”

  1. Bekkah said

    OMG, crazy?! There was one room under Kimmy’s pics that I couldn’t even recognize…I thought maaaybe it was the bathroom, but it turned out to be the kitchen!?!?

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