My Ole’ Man

March 30, 2007

Last week was my husband’s 36th birthday. It is crazy to me how long I know him. I met him two months after his 20th birthday. 16 years have flown by! Christ where did it go? 1 house and 2 kids later, but it still seems like yesterday. I can remember our first meeting and everything after as if it just happened. He’s a difficult man but a good man. A complicated dude but a fair man. Sensitivity isn’t in his personality. He is a solid man. I never feel unsafe. I know that he will do what he has to do to take care of his family. He is not for the faint at heart. You need a backbone to be in his life and you can’t take yourself too seriously he wouldn’t dream of letting you. He is smart, calculated, hard to read, funny, likable, opinionated, chauvinistic and a smart ass but he’s my smart ass and I love him and more importantly, I like him!

This year is the first year that my kids are excited and understand what parties are so the days leading up to my husband’s birthday on March 22nd were spent saying, “not today; Daddy’s birthday is in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, day/days.” I am not sure what they expected but after cake and presents they still were asking when the party was.

Written in the card from the kids I wrote:

Dear Daddy,

You are tons of fun whether in the sun or playing in the water.
So it’s on the deck what the heck it’s with your son and daughter.

We sit and wait, investigate the sounds outside the window, the van pulls up, Daddy’s home let’s play you’re tired but you do anyway.

Day is done, one goes to bed with a weary head while you play the other’s cradle.

The bed is packed, mom’s neck is whacked and that’s a fact but what can you do? We stick to you two like glue.

We love you Daddy, mom does too can we play more games with you?

Love, J&S


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