Potty Training Day 13

April 16, 2007

copy-of-april-2-2007-9.jpgI just have to write this all down so that I don’t forget anything.

Thursday was an absolutely awful potty training day. There were about 5 accidents and total unwillingness to even sit on the toilet, potty or any other type of basin.

Friday morning I woke up asking/telling him to once again sit on the potty. I have spent about 8 hours a day sitting on the floor of my bathroom waiting for the child to go.  After two accidents/mishaps/defiant episodes or whatever you want to call them. I was done. I had spent so many hours playing cheerleader, fun mom, pal mom, anything goes mom that I was all happy’d out. I couldn’t possibly muster up another try again next time after the child sits for 1/2 hour on the potty under protest only to put his underwear on and pee in them.  I was done!

I was going to take another route. It was time to be mean, disappointed, angry mom. I don’t recommend this at all because I am of the don’t push, give them some control over their life, smile through your tears, they are only kids school. This kid was working me and I knew it. He was refusing to sit, doing the have to pee so bad dance, running from me and then pee’ing all over the floor. I warned him on the second accident that the next time I told him to go to the toilet and he refused only to pee on my floor there would be time out.

The third accident was hard, I knew I had to follow through with my warning. I watched him run around the house trying to hold it. I told him to come with me to the potty. He screamed no and ran from me. I saw him stop, whimper and pee through his pants onto the rug. As I watched it darken his pant leg and did an about face and headed to my bedroom. I was seeing red and knew that if I didn’t walk away and collect myself I would regret it. I closed my bedroom door, hearing him crying out to me in the hall. I took a deep breath and opened the door. I told him to take his pants off and put his pants and underwear in the hamper. He did. I put some cleaning foam on the rug and when he came out from his first task I through some rags at him and told him to clean my rug until it was dry. He got down and scrubbed away. I stood there with my hands on my hips, disapproving mouth and kept my eyes down and angry.

When he was done I told him to put the rags in the garbage. He did and then I got the timer. I set it for 5 minutes (I usually do 3) and took him to the time out spot. I told him that he was in time out for not using the toilet and pee’ing on my floor. He screamed and carried on for the entire 5 minutes. It was hard not to feel bad for him. I understand accidents. I understand that this is something that will be learned over time (I am not sure why they call it potty training. It should be called potty learning) but this was just plain defiance. He was running around in a circle and whimpering like a puppy refusing to come to the potty with me and then going on the floor. Sup wit that man?!

This cycle happened about 4 times Friday. By Friday night I had absolutely nothing left and knowing that I had a party of 26 coming the next day was making it any easier.

Saturday morning we awoke and I asked him if he wanted to go potty. He said yes, he wanted to sit on his sister’s potty rather than the toilet.  He did and he went within 2 minutes of walking into the bathroom.  Wait..*sound of screeching brakes* didn’t I spend 8 hours a day sitting on  the bathroom floor for the past 12 days reading books, singing songs, talking, doing finger play games, tickling, running water, standing on my head and basically kissing major 3 year old baby booty hoping to hear the lovely sound of piss hitting the toilet water?

I told him I was proud of him. I told him he was a big boy. We high fived, hugged and I promised him the moon on a silver platter. We walked out of the bathroom told Dad and his sister. We celebrated and went about our business of getting ready for our guests.

We went to the bathroom 5 times yesterday and not a single accident except for #2 which I expected and today 6 times with another #2 accident. Whatever. I will clean shit out of his underwear for the next 6 months with a smile and a high five as long as we keep up the wonderful progress on the potty. After 6 months all bets are off and I might have to resort to time outs and him scrubbing out his own underwear.

I am not saying that we have turned a corner yet but this is definite progress and I am so excited that he seems very proud of himself.

Only time will tell but we are in it for the long haul and I think I need stock in size 6 underwear.   


6 Responses to “Potty Training Day 13”

  1. Bekkah said

    You may think sometimes that you’re being the ‘mean mom’, but you’re totally NOT! Your patience will FOREVER impress me!

    Progress is a good thing…like you said the other day, potty training is just about the hardest thing we’ll hafta’ do!! GOOD LUCK 🙂

  2. mgagliano said

    Thanks for the words. They mean so much. I never know if I am doing the right thing but I remember a quote from a boss I used to have and never really liked because she was so cold. She told me that as long as you discipline with love in your heart and not out of anger than you can’t go wrong. I will never forget those words. I actually parent by them. I wonder if she will ever know how much your words impacted my life.

  3. Hi, great blog!. How do I subscribe to your RSS feed to ensure I get notifed when you make new posts? Thank you

  4. as an adult baby i have very strong memorys of my mummy being mean when i was being potty trained at 3.
    mummy used to shout at me and chase me and put me in timeout and put me on the potty all the time. i have a friend who is also an adult baby he told me once he had a similer experience while he was potty training but that it was only for 2 days. My point to this is being mean or forcing a toddler to potty train him / her could have profound emotional / psycalogical effects that will begin to manifest themselfs later on in life. I will point out at this point that Infantilism, Adult Babys and Diaper Lovers are NOT RELATED TO PEDOPHILIA we whant to be the babys themselfs for comfort, security, love, care and nurture. WE ARE NOT atracted to babies or children. For some infantilists (mostly Diaper Lovers) the diaper itself is a sexual object rquierd by the Diaper Lover for sexual stimulation. This class of Diaper Lover’s typicaly use Adult Diapers for sexual activity. The Majority of Infantilists do not like to make poopies in their diapers, this is for several reasons including, they find it gross, difficulty with clean up, smell, embarismeant. Some who do not like to make poopie do like to simulate the feeling in a practice called diaper stuffing. This involves filling the seat of the diaper with warm foods that have the same constincy as poopy. Typicaly foods used are mashed bananas, mashed potato, baby foods, poradge, readybreak, brownie mix, mashed cakes mixed with warm choclate milk, peanut butter, bread pudding, warm raw eggs, cottage chease, melted choclate, tomato ketchup, tirimisu, trifles, youguts etc…etc… the list goes on and on and on. There is eaven some that use this practice as a form of sexual punishmeant by putting hot sala, chili sauce, spices or just choped chilies down the back of their diapers. I really dont understand how anyone can find pain or diaper rash sexual, but diaper rash is comforting i will give them that.
    The Minority of Infantilsts do enjoy making poopies in their diapers. The minority of this group find it sexual wich again i dont understand. The rest in this group (including myself) find it to be a comforting feeling that brings a sense of security and helplesness, these (and myself) people are usualy the Adult Babies, and do not have any sexual motivation for the way they behave. It is purley a emotional / psycalogical self help support mechanisim wich will have been developing for many many years and will be impossible to break. No Infantalist has ever been broken of the need for diapers. the few who did (less then 120, there are over 6 million of us world wide on a planet with over 6 billion) either failed, comited suicide, or were left with servere psycalogical / psyciatric disorders involving anxiety, guilt, panic attacks, agoraphobia, agrophobia, nillapobia, etc… etc… , sucicidel tendincy, hulucinitory tendincy, severe clinical depreshion and insecurity complex(extreme tendincy to fear of pretty much everything)
    The Psychiatrists, Counsilers, Psycolagists and Doctors that treated them put them on tons of medications like 7 diffrent meds each day, 3 times a day, one has to have an injection each day twice a day, but eaven the people that treated them and are currently treating / caring for them at a psychiatric institue in xxxxxxxxxx are saying that the do not recomend trying to treat Infantilisim “until we have had the opitunity to conduct a full class A study on this illness and thorugh PRQ tests on the exsisting patient’s. A Diagnostic Criteria and Prevention Plan is estimated to be avalible in two to three years after the above is compleated. We are hoping that efective treatment options will become available by 2023” that was taken from a classified document from a classified source to wich i will not be commenting on were when or how i got my hands on it. What they are basicaly saying in a very sneaky way is No Cure Presentaly Possible. 2023 is a secret code that only the people who own the Mental institutes / Psychiatric Hospitals no what it means. The Managing Directers Of Mental Institues / Psychiatric Hospitals know of it but dont know what it means just to send the document with it on to the owner of the facility. The Cheif Psychietrist Is the the only person in the facility that knows what the code means and he would be the one that writes any document with a code 2023. All other docters and mental health workers are simpley instructed to report to the Chief Psychietrist if a patient is continusly not responding to treatment tecniques. The Owner of the Facility will then direct the document to a govermeant offcial. Thats as much as i am going to say on that one. so unless 0111100 01101000 01110100 01101101 01101100 0111110 0111100 01100010 0111110 0110110 0111100 0101111 01100010 0111110 0111100 0101111 01101000 01110100 01101101 01101100 0111110 means anything to you im not saying anything more on it.

    My point is if your toddler is showing signs that he is not ready or misses his diapers then hes not ready, your only young once. Let him have his diapers, It only takes 1 mistake to cause irepribale emotional / psycalogical harm to a young child. 5 accidents in 1 day, making poopies in his pants says loud and clar to me that he’s not ready for what ever reason. ask him if he wants his diapers back and what ever his reaction go with it, if yes give them to him till he tells you he wants to potty train or whats to go potty, if he says no ask him if he is scared of the grown up potty, if he says yes offer him the potty training potty till he realises and understands that the potty monster dosnt exsist (though im not shure on that one im convinced it does thats why i have toilet phobia)
    if he says no ask him if he would like a diaper over his pants(as odd as it sounds he will most likley say yes to this) if he does say no to this then hang in there and let him have his accidents for a about a week after that ask the same questions in the same order again, i garantee he will say yes to the diapers first time, but if not its 1 more week if he says no again then its time to consider seeing a pediatricien as this is a clear sign that he is currently not feeling insicure, stressed, or emotionaly upset about anything, so a pediatrician will be able to tell you if there is anything pysicaly wrong. At this point do not put him in diapers unless he requests them. If you do it will psycalogicaly reinforce the sub conchous message that he is still a baby and in the long term that will definitly not be good for him, and could possibly lead down the road of Infantalisim (wich by the way is not an illness we are normal people and wanting to be babys is a lot safer then going down the pub every friday to get drunk, or fighting in the street all the time, or having sex all the time with diffrent people and opps shes knocked up and opps he’s got my STI, or doing drugs all the time. Infact pretty much all infantalists are passive with less then 0.001% (thats less then the few that tried to get treated less then 50) being dominent or violent and of that 0.001% 97% of them either have Opositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder or some other behavioural / Personality Disorder only 3% of that 0.001% are Domoninet or violent because thats the way their personaility is naturaly. I guess that would be about 7 people out of over 6million.
    So you see while this may have been a long and for the majority of people who read this slighty disturbing, and for some disturbing and for others sickining (and to those in the majority class i am sorry i i ofended any one or made anyone feel so sick they thew up over the computer screen or in their computer desk bin or all over the floor and everyware. But this is the truth as i hate lies because i am a obsesive compulsive truth teller to the point were i have gotten in trouble with the police, and embarised people before, not to mention got i got beaten up for telling a guy his window was open to much and he really should not leave it open because anyone could get an arm in there and open it from the inside then hot wire it as i could not because im criminaly minded like some people but because i just know alot about electronics and computer systems but some people out there on the streets are criminaly minded and because they are ciminaly minded they know how hotwire cars because its second nature to them by the way dude i like your hair but you really need to shave that beard off it makes you look like some hindu monk or something I…. and thats when i got beaten up. Since then i have never offerd advice to people with mohawks dyid red, light brown, green, pointed beards half way down their chests and wearing leather all over at a service station on route 20 yea im never doing that again. And to think i was just telling him the truth funny thing was while he was beating me up 3 people made of with his car after they drove in on motor bikes. He whent after them on one of there bikes shooting at them with a gun of some kind. Now that i think about it i bet it was a drug hiset or something going down cause i think they were shoting back cause there were to many shots being fierd that i could here) All i wanted to do was get to the east cost but instead i had to be taken to the hospital wich cost way to much as far as im concernd health inshurance should be valid in every state regardless of citezenship status, once more medical treatment should be free. $1300 is to much for a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. If i my laptop with me i could have sorted the sholder out my self, acording to the internet and medical intranets fixing a dislocation is as easy as statning the limb, alining the ball to the socket and sharply pulling the limp up in the direction of normal movment, while at the same time pusching down on the limb near the base of the limb to pop the ball back in to the socket. Tendernes, and inflamation are to be expected for up to a month, though depending on site of dislocation and type (partil or total) it can take as litile as a few days for it to heal fully. With partial dislocation you pull the ball out of the socket fully by straghting the limb sharply pulling the limb up in the direction of normal movment while at the same time pulling near the base of the limb. Then just repeat the proceadure ubove for total dislocation. How ever a Compund Fracture with bone sticking out of my arm one way and blood poring out the other is not something i would have been able to fix, unless anyone knows a 1024bit cypher decryption matrix algorithem for a 32-asciiRAScode if it does and your genuine you will know who i am and if you dont and you are genuine you know how to find me theis code parts of wich are encrypted for the obvious reasons will embed hidden instructions in the site at the usual spot with the usual cypher matrix use luhn-mod10-protocol_19043C_eq-9584_SUM-T-BOW_NAND-pnp


    Anyway good luck with the potty training got to go change i still havent found a mummy to look after me yet. And paying for mummys is not right and to expensive, plus it would just feel wrong. but i do get despriate and there are times when i have to fight with myself and tell myself it would simply be wrong and disrespecful to the female of the species to pay for a so called service. Thats bribary. unconditional love, nurturing, security, comfort, being rocked to sleep, beinng fed, changed, played with to make you gigle and smile, being burped, dressed, bathed in luke warm water, placed in your crib, being read a bed time story these things are not a service it is what a helples baby requires to be healthy its what i require to be healthy its the reason i been so depressed for since last august cause i have no mummy to look after me 😦 I been an Adult Baby for 16 years since i was 7 and not once have i found a mummy to take care of me. My real mother abandond me at birth,my adoptive mother rejects it compleatly out of hand with out eaven looking at the educational materialsi have provided for her again and again
    thats a good website it can probibly explain infantilism better then i can

    any way good luck

  5. brain said

    yea you maybe mean mom but try have him naked next time in bed it may help him to learn to stop peing the pant

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