Potty Training Day 15

April 18, 2007

Life is good. This is not to say that I believe we are well on our way never buying another pull up but as of today, we are at 4 days without an accident. There was no accident in school today. He waited until he got home, asked to go to the bathroom, finished and asked for milk. I cannot believe that my little boy is using the potty. I do mean potty too. He has yet to go on the toilet which is where he has been sitting since Saturday the day that he actually went. He is waaaayyy to big for a potty chair (he is the size of most 5 year olds. Picture your 5 year old sitting on a potty. It’s comical. 

He sits very far back on the seat, pushes himself all the way down and pees into the potty. I sit there at the ready, to assist finger poised and ready to push down should he get a little lax.  Believe me I have had to do it a few times..it’s just not right. We do a shake and then I hand him paper to wipe the tip. You know I think you need to train little boys to do this..I wish my mother-in-law had done this for my husband. How many times at work men come out of the bathroom with that nasty wet spot on their pants and then I am left thinking that they just had their hand on their tool and now they are touching a paper that will envidently pass my desk. It’s just gross.

Grosser than that BTW…is being sprayed with hot urine. Yup..he got me yesterday. I was looking at the bathroom wall, noticing the damage from too many toddler baths when I got shot in the arm. So gross… 


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