Happy 4th Birthday Baby Boy

May 11, 2007

80754708chxllh_ph.jpg1st Picture copy-of-april-27-2007-21.jpgPicture 65,758

copy-of-april-21-2007-22blog.jpgCool Boy

copy-of-picture-834.jpgAffectionate Boy – Ouch this hurts my heart

copy-of-picture-840.jpgAllergies Kick My Ass Boy – This one too but for a different reason

I cannot believe that tomorrow my baby boy will be 4 years old already. I feel like I blinked and here we are. I remember being pregnant with you like it was yesterday.

Looking back at last years post I am amazed at how much bigger you and your sister are.

Things have changed so much for you this year. You are such a big boy. I am amazed every day at the milestones you are reaching and how fast and furious they are coming and going as you move on to bigger and better things. You are so funny and so loving. You love reading your books, playing with your Wiggle Dolls, climbing, running, jumping, going to the playground, going to school, watching Barney and dancing and singing every song. You love watching yourself in the mirror. You like playing with pretend food and carry a ton of them around in a bag. Lately you have wanted to write letters and numbers so we work on that daily. You also like to put puzzles together and have stories read to you. You and your sister play and fight for hours on end. You like to talk on the phone but never know what to say after hi. You like the kids in your class and talk about them all the time. You are polite and helpful. You do about 10 chores a day such as putting your dishes and your sister’s on the counter, throwing garbage out, putting clothes in the dirty clothes, helping me do laundry, taking your sister’s shoes off, putting Daddy’s socks in his drawer, helping put groceries away, etc.

You potty trained in as little as 12 days which totally amazes me because I thought we were going to spend the summer doing that. You love animals and all things in nature. You love to throw rocks in the creek and feed the birds and squirrels.

You think it is funny to say something is what it isn’t holding up an apple, “it’s a banana mom!” then “it’s not a banana, it’s an apple” it gets exhausting but you find it hysterical. So knock yourself out sweetie.

You love saying your prayers at night and mention everyone in your world. You love kisses and being hugged. You are the best little hugger in the world. 

I hope you never lose your sensitive side. There is nothing wrong with being soft and tough at the same time. A good man knows when to drop their guard. We need more men like that in the world. I hope you never lose your sense of wild abandon. You have no problem just letting lose and singing and dancing to something you like, “I’m shaking my hair” while shaking you butt.

I wish you the best of friends, the peace of mind to know that you don’t have to be liked by everyone. I hope you know that you can be yourself and if people don’t like you they can go to hell. I hope you can let others in but know to but up your guard if you need to. I pray you try to see the good in people but trust your instincts and stay away from people who will poison your soul. 

5 Things I love About You

  • That you always want me to hug you. I hope that never ends. 
  • That you love reading and want to be read to. It was a dream of mine to have kids that loved books as much as I did.
  • You are such a good brother and always want to “give one to Skye”
  • That you think I’m funny. Who doesn’t want a willing audience who thinks they are the shit?
  • Lastly, I love how you talk. “You kissa my head?” when you kiss my head. “You kissa my butt?” when you kiss my butt. “I’ma o-kay”, when I say are you ok? “What’s that sound?” when you hear something. You are so talkative and that is music to this mommy’s ears. You have come so far in such a short time.

You are amazing and I love you with all my heart. You are my heart on legs and I don’t know how I got so lucky to be your mommy. I love you sweetie.

Love Mommy


One Response to “Happy 4th Birthday Baby Boy”

  1. Lisa said

    Oh, happy belated birthday, baby boy!

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