Kids Can Be Just Plain Mean

May 23, 2007

Today was the first time that I heard another kid being mean to my baby boy. I was invited after a really busy day; first school, then playdate/lunch at a friends, then speech instruction to a classmate of his home.

The classmate who invited him was not the one who was mean, that was another girl from class who is a little older than them. She was sitting on a swing next to the slide that he was about to go down. He got to the top and she said, “no, you can’t go down” he ignored her and she said, “you’re stupid!” He said, “no!” and walked away from the slide. It hurt my heart to hear it and to see his reaction.

He walked around kicking at the ground and staying away from the swingset. The little girl’s mother asked him what was wrong a few times then asked me. I told her that her daughter had just called my son stupid. She got up all red faced and walked over to her daughter asking if this had happened, her daughter said “no” then “I’m sorry Mom” and then Mom pointed to me and said, “she says you did” go apologize to him. She walked her daughter over and made her apologize. She did! I felt bad for saying something but she had asked me.  I also felt bad that someone would even say that to my baby boy. I am sure that this the least of what will be said to him over the years. Kids can be mean and I hope that he has the inner strength to always stand up for himself even if all he says is “no” and walks away.  Good for you sweet boy and if necessary just say, “my mother can kick your mother’s butt and then let me at her.


One Response to “Kids Can Be Just Plain Mean”

  1. Bekkah said

    >:| And when he gets older and the kids get bigger, that’s when you call The Godmother…she hold the little bastard down!!

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