Bed Side Visitor

May 27, 2007

Well it happened. The one thing I have been fearful of since we did away with the crib.

My bi-level like most; has all the bedrooms clustered at the end of the hallway.  Time alone with “The Teach” (hubby) has changed a bit since having kids but it is about to change a bit more. Ok, lets get to it.

Thursday night after the kids went to bed we decided to spend some quality time TOGETHER (literally) in the bedroom, doing what married folk do. We are quiet, we stop often (which is really not condusive to being spontanous) and listen when we hear anything that might be the pitter patter of feet headed our way.  We use pillows and hands over mouths to quiet ourselves if we feel that a kid might hear something yet we still ended up with a visitor.

Precocious was talking in his sleep as usual. We thought he was going to wake up and call for us a few times but he never did. I was sure that he would get out of his bed and head our way but it was not he who appeared right next to the bed.

Goddess usually cries when she wakes but not this time. There was no sound, just a face next to the bed asking for “Mommy.”

Crap..Shit…damn…kids suck….

We settled her in, took care of business when she went to sleep but we will be closing the door from now on or perhaps a cat bell to their pjs so that at least we will have time to get decent. 


6 Responses to “Bed Side Visitor”

  1. Bekkah said

    NOOOOOOO!!!! That s*cks. I think once Munch is on the move, Ohio and I will have to hide out in our new ‘gazebo’!

  2. theteach said

    Maybe we should start earlier, there’s nothing more disturbing then having your child walk in while mommy getting dick.

  3. mgagliano said

    Bek, I hear ya. The gazebo sounds like fun though but there is also the man room if you bring the monitor with you.

    Teach, the only thing more disturbing than our bedside visitor is your comment. The kids are going to read this one day and need therapy.

  4. Bekkah said

    DUDE, I NEED therapy after reading that!!!! 😐

  5. mgagliano said

    Ha….Bek…poor you. I am sorry that you had to read that I was going to delete the Teach’s comment and forget.

    I was so careful in the wording of my post and here he comes with his guns a blaring so to speak.

  6. theteach said

    Whatever Dude…….

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