Pizza a la the Teach

May 31, 2007

copy-of-may-27-2007-91.jpgWho needs the pizzaria when the Teach can cook this?


4 Responses to “Pizza a la the Teach”

  1. Bekkah said

    Whoa! VERY impressive…you sure that’s not a DiGiorno?

  2. mgagliano said


    Teach has actually been perfecting this thing for a month now on Fridays.

    It is really good, I would totally serve this to company. Don’t be surprised if the next time we have you guys over….you happen to be served a DiGiorno.


  3. theteach said

    No that’s not a DiGiorno.

  4. Bekkah said

    Great! I LOVE Digiorno!

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