Create A Connection Swap You’re Happy Box

June 2, 2007

Fun Holli hosted May’s Create A Connection Swap for May. She chose a really fun theme which she called “Happy Mail.” Who the hell doesn’t love to receive happy mail? Mail in your name that isn’t a bill or junk mail is so much fun and comes few and far between.

This is a great way to connect with people who may share your interests. You get paired with two people one who you will send to and one you will send to.

I was partnered with Fran and Georgia. Fran wrote about the box she received from me here.

I received my box from Georgia Wednesday and was thrilled (so were the kids).

In a really fun box that my son confiscated for his Little People


I opened the box and found


Upon further inspection I found some awesome handmade “Friend” cards, some adorable magnets, a new notebook and really pretty pen (I love the prospect of a new notebook – I am always excited about filling the pages) and a hand-made card with a note from Georgia.


Thank you so much Georgia I loved all of it; it truly made me happy and that was the idea of the swap. totally could have sent it regular mail. I understand busy babe.


One Response to “Create A Connection Swap You’re Happy Box”

  1. Georgia said

    Well it was supposed to go out in the regular mail via my husbands work… but then the mail prices changed and their mail thing was all screwey… So we decided just to do it that way:)

    I am glad you liked it! I had fun putting it all together.

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