Check out this video: Pray for baby Kaleb.

June 8, 2007

This breaks my heart. I will never understand how someone could do something like this. I have totally locked myself in my room whenever I felt that I couldn’t safely handle my screaming, banshee girl. I don’t even know what I would do to the person who did this to my baby.

I pray for Kaleb and his family and hope that he makes it through this injuctice, because no baby should have to suffer EVER.

Pray for baby Kaleb.


2 Responses to “Check out this video: Pray for baby Kaleb.”

  1. theteach said

    Stories like this break my heart.

    In another world I would finish the work that people wish GOD would do.

  2. Lisa said

    I sat through foster care staffing on two shaken babies yesterday. What a tragic waste for a person to do this to a beautiful innocent life so full of love and potential.

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