Wook at that Rock Mom

June 12, 2007

I haven’t even documented anything eluding to the fact that we are P-O-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-N-E-D!!!!!!!!!

We started on April 3rd   and I cannot believe that we are done.

On or around May 18th I instructed the boy that he needed to poop on the potty and not in his pants as he had been doing.

I mentioned here that I would gladly clean his dirty underwear for the next 6 months because I was so happy about the pee potty training that I guess I was feeling very giving at that moment. But cleaning shit out of underwear sucks.

I told him that he knows how to pee on the potty and that he now had to do all his business there. Everytime he went in his pants I would just tell him to try to go on the potty next time and then I would clean up. I was giving him no reason to really go full potty.  Why, Mom was taking care of everything and seemed ok with the fact that my underwear were being used as a diaper?

We went to a friend’s house for lunch and every time I notice him looking to be alone or searching for a quiet place, I would just tell him that he had to go on the potty. When we got home I told him that if he went poop on the potty I would get him a sprinkler that he really liked at my friend’s house a few weeks ago.

He said he had to go, he got the stool out of the tub, placed it by the toilet and called for me to get him the seat which is usually hanging in the tub but too high for him to reach. He usually uses the potty to pee I didn’t think he would want to go on the toilet but I guess Pee on the Potty Poop on the Toilet! Whatever works man.

I got him situated and he said, “bye mom.” I headed out of the bathroom wondering what the plan was. Would he try, would he poop on the floor, would he say he did but not be able to go? Tons of things running through my head when he knocked on the door. He always knocks on the door to get out of the bathroom. Not sure if he can’t do it or if it has become a ritual but anyway I digress.

I opened the door and say do you need me? He is standing and says, “wook at that rock mom!” I pere into the toilet and lo and behold good God above, there is a Rock in the toilet. The most perfect rock to this potty training mom’s eyes. Yes, folks I am talking about poop. I hugged him, told him I was so proud and how happy I was. I hugged again and asked if he knew why I was so happy, he just smiled. I said because you went on the potty like a big boy and tomorrow Mommy is going to buy you that sprinker. We woke up and headed to Toys R Us. We found our Tiki Man Sprinker headed home and wah-la potty trained.

Well, not exactly. There was an accident that day. I loving cleaned it up but insisted that if it happened again the Tiki sprinkler would have to go back. He was not happy about that so every time I saw the face of concern and concentration I mentioned the potty and the sprinkler. 3 days later, I only had to go in to help him wipe. It has been 2 weeks and I don’t even know when he goes, he just heads there himself and takes care of his business like a big boy.

We have used public bathrooms 3 times so far and 1 was a porta potty. Today, I lived up to my white trash heritage and showed him how to pee off the side of the deck. I used it partially as training to stand up at the toilet and the other part was so that he didn’t wake his sister traipsing through the house.

Ahhhh…..Still using night time diapers and I hate putting them on him because I am sure that it must be a little confusing but I am not ready to change sheets in the middle of the night. He has only had 2 nighttime accidents since we started the process but I haven’t had a chance to buy the wee wee pads (so to speak) for the bed. I need them for my bed too because for the past 10 months he has made his way there anywhere between 11:30 – 3:00 a.m. 

Handsome, Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you. I cannot believe what a big boy you have become. Once potty training is officially over (when we do away with night time diapers) we are 90% done with babyhood for you. The last thing to go will be you milk sippy. Honestly, that is not something I see pushing but if you are going on 8 and still using one I might feel differently. I know you like to lie down to drink your milk and really there is no other way for you to do that. There are only 2-4 cups of it a day (sounds like a lot-I am sure to some folks) but I am fine with your milk drinking. At least you aren’t drinking juice and soda my little water, milk and the occassional apple juice boy. I cannot believe the changes I am seeing in you practically overnight. God bless you handsome you are my heart on legs and I adore you.



3 Responses to “Wook at that Rock Mom”

  1. Lisa said

    Hooray!!!! He’s potty trained! Wow, it didn’t take him long at all!!!! I’m not looking forward to potty training Gabrielle, but I think we may start once we move this summer. I’m just not looking forward to cleaning up all the accidents. I’ll have to come back & read your posts on potty training to give me inspiration!

  2. lyn said

    omg that is priceless maria, i just love how you describe everything! Honestly, after a few years of them doing their own business you kinda forget all the trials and tribulations of the entire process…
    well done girl (and jesse)

  3. mgagliano said

    Lisa, good luck it isn’t easy but once you find what works for that particular kid run with it. I am sure what worked with the boy will not work with my girl I just hope I can find the thing that does work with her. She has been going on the potty since October on her own but about 2 months ago the novalty wore off and now she pretty much only goes if I ask her. I should have run with it then but I figured she would just move up on her own.

    Lyn, Thank you for the virtual high five. It was a job well done if I do say so myself. I am shocked with how easy he was. I think it may be because I waited until he was going onto 4 years old before trying.

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