Wordless Wednesday

June 14, 2007

copy-of-june-9-2007-38.jpgThis is for you chick who only talks to me when you needs something. Auto mechanic guy who had my car for a day and did Jack Shit. Annoying telemarketer who doesn’t let up for air so that I can just say, “I am not interested” and makes me listen as he drones on about some credit card, service, loan or whatnot that I don’t want, need, can afford, or desire thank you very little!


8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Bekkah said

    Lol! That’s allota’ words for a Wednesday that is supposedly without any!! 😉

    Is this what you guys were doing while Ohio was running through the sprinkler with the kids??!

  2. theteach said

    You look classy with those “garage door openers” on your pants.
    Can I take a picture or what.

  3. Lisa said

    You crack me up!

  4. mgagliano said

    Bek, I was going to add that disclaimer to my heading but felt that would just be adding more words to my already way too long wordless Wednesday post.

    Teach, You can take a picture baby! BTW…those garage door openers net us enough for 2 happy meal trips a month.

    Lisa, Well thank you very much.

  5. Bekkah said

    Ever since Ohio found out that you get PAID for it…he wants me to pick up a few ‘garage door openers’ for myself.

    The pic would be better if The Teach hadn’t cut off your cute sunglasses…


  6. theteach said

    She was showing me how much she LOVES me. I wanted to capture the love.
    Can’t you just feel it.

  7. theteach said

    BTW……. A BIG “F-U” to our auto mechanic. Douche-bag has no idea how to FAIRLY treat repeating customers.

  8. theteach said

    BTW…. Part II

    What’s up with the time stamp on your Blog??

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