Create A Connection – Box Swap

June 19, 2007

This month Create A Connection Swap was hosted by Cheeky who decided on a Colour Swap. I was paired with Kim and Tammy. Kim sent to me and I sent to Tammy.  I receive my box last Thursday and had no idea that it was coming from Hawaii.

When I opened it I saw this


Then This


Usually I would have picked Blue but I went with something different this time. I had said pink or purple because they are such fun, girly colors. Kim sent me BOTH pink AND purple. What a thrill. I was really pissed about an auto problem I was having when I got home and found the box waiting. It immediately changed my mood. It truly was “happy mail.”

The kids had a blast with the boa and I had a blast with the LifeSavers and can’t wait to break into the book she included 101 Secrets a Cool Mom Knows.  Being that I AM A COOL MOM, I am dying to know the secrets that will totally make me well…cooler.

Thanks so much Kim. It was so much fun and I appreciate all of the little trinkets. I hope you enjoyed your box?



2 Responses to “Create A Connection – Box Swap”

  1. holli said

    What a fun swap!!! I love the new digs!! I’m glad you moved to wordpress, btw. Don’t you love it? I heart all the little widgets.

    I want that book – I need to know those secrets!!!


  2. mgagliano said

    Well…thanks Holli.

    I do LOVE WordPress.

    Well, if you get you in a swap I know the first thing I am putting in the box.

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