Big Brother Returns

July 5, 2007

Ok..whatever..I’m a loser and I don’t care. I LOOOOOOVE Big Brother. This is the 8th season that I have watched and yes…while I am watching I feel like there are a million things I could be doing that would enhance my quality of life; reading, writing, exercising, learning a new skill, whatever…but I can’t get enough of the human habitrail.  This is probably why I LOOOOVVEEE The Sims. I must have some voyeur type thing going but have found a nice safe way to fulfill my weird fetish.

Tonight at 8:00 me and my fat ass will be parked in front of the TV watching these folks try to win mega bucks. Honestly it’s not enough money for me to leave my kids and unload my dirty laundry in front of America but I am thankful there are people willing enough to throw caution to the wind and let the bull shit fly. 

 wk10.jpgSince I couldn’t find a group picture and could care less about any one on the show right now…here is a picture of my favorites from last season.


2 Responses to “Big Brother Returns”

  1. theteach said


  2. theteach said

    The 1st sentence summarized the post.

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