Model Baby

July 13, 2007

Model Baby

Originally uploaded by on_angel_wings2001

My Beautiful Baby…


3 Responses to “Model Baby”

  1. Teresa D'Amore said

    Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!! I wish I could see Jesse diving into the water. He is such a little fish. I may just nickname him Nemo. Don’t know why you guys did not do that sooner. but better late than never. Honestly, being there with the hubby and the kids is probably more fun anyway.

  2. holli said

    I don’t think I completely understand.. after 8 years of living in a lake town you’re now living in a lake town?

    I grew up on a lake.. I wish Faith could have the same experience…

    it looks beautiful there – much prettier than the lake where I grew up – that is like vacation!!

  3. mgagliano said

    T-Can’t wait to have you and the kids come enjoy the lake with us..

    Holli-This is the first summer that my husband and I even ventured over to the lake. We had no idea how much fun it would be. We pay dues for the private beach and never went there. Imagine living 5 minutes away from those pictures and not going. We had four years living here before we became parents and never hung out down there. Really stupid of us.

    You, Faith, Tom and Nate can come hang with us anytime. We’ll even supply the beer and sandwiches.

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