Oh My Head Hurts

July 18, 2007

I love, adore, and respect my children for the spirit and enthusium each of them show me on a daily basis.

I love my son’s questions, unsolicitated hugs, desire to practice his writing (he writes all the letters of the alaphabet), ability to exhibit boundless energy that I wish I could bottle and drink this elixir daily from a chalice garnished with a lemon wedge.

I love my daughter’s little singing voice, clown faces, and mothering she shows her brother when she offers him all of his loveys all day long.

What I can’t stand is the constant fighting over the same damn toy, the jumping on the furniture, the slamming of their hands against the TV, the endless questions such as “what are u doing mommy” when they know damn well what I am doing and said such just moments before. The arguments over who will go first down the stairs, who will sit in Daddy’s chair, or who wants to watch what.

Grrr…..arrgghhh…my head aches.

Sample minute of my day……

Kid – Mom what are they doing?

Me – I don’t know, what are they doing?

Kid – They are playing.

Me – Right, they are playing.

Kid – Mom, what u doing?

Me – What am I doing?

Kid – You making breakfast.

Me – That’s right I am making breakfast

Kid – Mom I want to put on this shirt

Me – Ok, put on that shirt

Kid – This shirt mom, I want to put on this one

Me – Ok, honey put on that shirt

Kid – This one mom

Me – Yes, ok, put it on baby

Kid – Mom I want to put on…

Me – PUT IT ON Jeez

Kid – Ok

Why?…I am so tired of hearing my own voice. Why do they ask the same damn questions? Why do I have to feed into it everytime? Jesus Christ, now I sound like the damn kids with all the questions. But seriously….why??????????? Super Nanny Help!


2 Responses to “Oh My Head Hurts”

  1. holli said

    Lord am I with you on this one… I feel like I just say NO all the time.

    Super Nanny isn’t cut out for this stuff.

  2. mgagliano said

    Damn if she can’t handle it who then. I need a break. I am just starting to take some time to myself in the past month. I can count on my fingers how often I have been without my kids in the past 4 years. Hopefully with some time away…
    I just keep singing an old song I know from a really big local band called American Angel…How can I miss you when you never go away

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