So Annoying…but I will move on and picture has nothing to do with post

August 6, 2007


This weekend I was getting a personal sized Weight Watcher’s Chocolate Mint Ice Cream out of the freezer thinking it’s 9:30 p.m but my stomach is killing me and mint really helps me. It’s Weight Watcher’s and I want it damn it. I am going to be 41 years old and if I want ice cream at 9:30 p.m. I am going to eat it.

I sit down to enjoy the very small serving of mint ice cream for my belly when a voice pierces the darkend room with the filtered blue streaks of light coming from the TV; “is that ice cream?”

It is my husband the Spartan who has been working on his body for the the past 4-5 months.

“Yup, it is” I say with a flip of my spoon.

“You should be upset with yourself” he says. “It’s 9:30!” he adds.

“Ah huh” I mutter.

FYI to anyone who thinks this was a loving gesture from a caring husband – there are ways to discuss calories and eating habits this was not one of them.

End of conversation.

The annoying part of this is that I have been here before. I had a boyfriend who used to discuss what I ate and talk about how disgusting I was that I started throwing up so that I wouldn’t be “so fat and disgusting that I can’t even get hard over you.” (btw…exact quote word for word. I won’t forget it until the day I die). I was bulemic for 5 years.

I was a size 5 then and I am a size 10/12 now (2-3 sizes bigger and 2 kids later), I refuse to be told what, when and how much I can eat unless I solicite such information.

So  will end this post with a shake of my head, a flip of my spoon and a big fat Rachel Ray tribute, Yum-Oh!


7 Responses to “So Annoying…but I will move on and picture has nothing to do with post”

  1. Bekkah said

    Doesn’t he know that ice cream TASTES BETTER at 9:30 PM?!?!?! DUH.

    At least your ice cream was weight watchers…I was eating my second slice of blueberry pie at 8:00 last night. I gained four pounds in three days >:) Evidence of a kick-ass weekend to me!

    Life is short…I say enjoy it any way you want!! And never again let anyone make you feel that you are any less than BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out!

  2. mgagliano said

    Seriously, it does taste better at 9:30 and better still when there is someone looking at you with complete and utter disgust plastered across his perfect chisled face.

    Wow, that does sound like a good weekend. But I seriously am thinking Friday’s for our next outing!

    Life is Short damn it and so am I. I am not fat just short. Stretch me out another half foot and I would be designer chic perfect!

    BTW…thanks for the last comment, it made this fat, happy women tear up.

  3. Bekkah said

    LMAO! Honestly, you have as badly a distorted view of the world as I do!?!?!? YOU are not FAT! Think hard…have you seen my family?!?!??!!??!?!?!!

    THE TEACH is not CHISLED! Have you seen this:–10097971/SP–A/IGID–1044358/Six_Pack.htm?sOrig=SCH&ui=1FB9574A43F04B9FBD2DE420A4DE5148

    NONE of us are perfect…except for maybe that guy >:)

  4. Bekkah said

    BTW – Since I posted that comment five minutes ago, I’ve clicked on the link about 45 times…yummy!

  5. mgagliano said

    Yeah…but have you seen mine???

    BTW…my girl and I are sharing a Weight Watcher’s serving of ice cream and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Holy crap…thanks for the link.

    Hey that six pack poster looks like the Teach to me.

  6. Bekkah said

    Aaaawww!!! That’s the way it should be…spouses should be our biggest fans!! 🙂

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