Look at this photograph everytime I do it makes me laugh…

August 8, 2007

Why were our eyes so red, and what the hell is on Joey’s head? Who gives a shit! Wahhhhhhh!! I am sick over this.

Do not adjust your eyes or your monitor. My camera is S-I-C-K sick, sick, sick.

I guess it had to happen, a camera is not made to take 1,000-3,000 pictures a month is it?

What to do? I say ignore the mortgage bill that is due and go out and get myself a new one. I cannot be without one and if you know me, you know this is true.

I took the kids including my niece to Chuck E. Cheese today and the only decent pictures I have to commemorate the day are those sketchy pictures that are drawn by Chuck after you put a coin in the slot.  Grrrr…. 

Here is what my pictures look like.


I guess the self-focusing gizmo thinga majig crapped out.

If anyone is thinking of getting me an extra special birthday gift…..feel free.


One Response to “Look at this photograph everytime I do it makes me laugh…”

  1. Bekkah said

    OMG, YOU without a CAMERA!? Are you okay? Should I drive mine over right now???

    I have two words for you: Garage Sale. If it’s not bolted down, sell it and get yourself a new camera ASAP!

    Hope you guys had fun today, even if you weren’t able to clearly document it 😉

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