Favorite Songs of the Moment

August 16, 2007

Hate Me – By Blue October

I don’t know why I like this song.  There is nothing in the lyrics that I can relate to but there is something about this song that touches me.

Chasing Cars – by Snow Patrol

I think what I really like about this song is the friggin 3 chords that are played throughout the song. I love the sound of it. I also love the lyrics. I love the chorus, If I lay here, If I just lay here,would you lie with me and just forget the world?  

Home and It’s not over – by Chris Daughtry

I mean come on, how could you not love these songs, this guys voice is amazing. His sound is so yummy but he’s a little too metro sexual for me to find hot. His manscape is just too perfect. I like my men to have a little rugged roughness to them.

So Cold  &  The Diary of Jane  – by Breaking Benjamin

I like the beat, the lyrics, the whole f’in thing. BB just rocks!

Never Too Late and Pain – by Three Days Grace

For some reason as a person who is mostly butterflies, flowers, angels and fairies I love my music mostly dark. I can’t get enough of the song Pain. I love it!

Before He Cheats – by Carrie Underwood, actually any Carrie songs. Heart my country music baby! 

I love singing this song as does this person and this person, this person  ( best vocal) and ha… this little sweetie. BTW…honorable mention for creativity goes to this chickie

The lyrics crack me up. I guess this is the new karaoke favorite

Then there this…??

Say It Right  – by Nelly Furtardo

I am not a fan of hers or this type of music and I really hated it when I first heard it, but when it comes on the radio I sit a little taller in my seat. I had no idea what the hell she was saying until I searched out the lyrics after coming to the realization that I actually liked it.


One Response to “Favorite Songs of the Moment”

  1. holli said

    I am so out of it. I really don’t know any new music except the bands I specifically listen to and seek out their cds. I pretty much just listen to.. whatever I’m listening to on satellite and Faith owns everything else in the home and the car. I’m no longer hip. Well, I don’t think I ever was. pftz!

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