Nothing to Do Today; or Do I?

August 21, 2007

This morning I got a call from my girl Sheress and she wanted to know if it was ok for her and 2 of her kids to stop by in 2o minutes. I love these kind of calls. Truly I do. I love when people feel comfortable enough to invite themselves over. 

I cooked breakfast for her and her kids. Not hard to do, eggs, cereal, tea, and biscuits. The  kids played for about 2 hours while she and I caught up. As she was heading home she asked if we wanted to go to her house for lunch. A longer play date? Sounds good to me. We headed to the bank to make a deposit and then headed to her house for lunch. Chicken nuggets for the kids, homemade chili and cucumber salad for us. It was so good.

The kids had a great time playing with her kids and dogs and she and I got to hang out longer.

I busied myself cleaning her air-condition filter and cleaning the air-conditioner. How is that for a lunch guest? Why? I needed something to do while she was doing laundry? I headed home about 3:50 because her son was in dire need of a nap and my two needed to let him sleep.

We got home and the kids played while I sat down to read some blogs and talk on the phone.

Overall it was an awesome day. Love when I wake thinking I have nothing to do and end up having a good time.


6 Responses to “Nothing to Do Today; or Do I?”

  1. bekks said

    I’ve got dust on my kitchen curtains that’s about three inches thick…next playdate is at MY house!! >;)

  2. maria said

    Well now…laundry is fine with me as long as while it is in the wash I get to spin and flex while you watch ALL the rugrats.

  3. bekks said


    Dust never killed anyone, eh???


  4. Lyn said

    well done maria!! I’m surprised noone hit on you either, thats kinda weird. Hubby always tells me that I would have no problem picking up a man if I wanted to, (or god forbid, NEEDED to, if anything happened to hubby). I’m glad your man thought of the idea in first place.

  5. Lyn said

    errr that last comment was for your night out blog.. doh!

  6. Lyn said

    gee.. after reading that I feel kinda lazy. I’ve already done three loads of laundry, hung out two (daughter can now reach the line) and tried to trim the lawn around garden, stupid thing broke down and i couldnt start it, so left it after swearing like a sailor. We have soccer this afternoon, so I get to sit on a hill and be bored to death for two hours. whoopee

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