Pre – K On Monday Oh My and White Trash Cinema Part 2

September 8, 2007


I am so not looking forward to school starting Monday although to say I am not excited about it would be incorrect. Don’t get me wrong, I am not excited because I will be down a kid 3 mornings a week or because I need time away from my Baby Boy but because he is so ready to go.  He spent the summer asking “I have school tomorrow?” and he really wants to go. So I am excited it will be happening for him.

I have looked into Homeschooling ever since he was born. My husband is not in favor of this idea but I have always thought about doing it. The only reason I haven’t looked into it further is because to keep Handsome from something that he wants to do so badly would be cruel. You never know it could still happen as he gets older. If he decides it is something he would like to explore I am so there.

I really wanted to take him apple picking this weekend just so we could do something he wants do before I hand him over to the school for a whole nine months but it is so friggin humid I refuse to go outside for too long.

This morning Sheress and I took the kids to Target to get Handsome a shirt for his first day (because I wanted him to have one), and Moon Sand for her daughter. We got Starbucks which made us really happy and walked around for how is this possible? 1.5 hours.! I hate shopping but it was ok.

Today I sat down to check out possible Halloween costumes for the whole family. Handsome when I asked him said he wanted to be Scooby Doo. Interesting! That is a first. He doesn’t watch Scooby nor has he shown any interest ever in doing so. Oh, ok…well I’ll ask again in a week and see if the answer changes.

As for the Goddess; well selfishly I am not asking her. I am getting her this one. She better wear it with a smile!


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