Why am I not finding Blog time & mom bragging

September 23, 2007

Maybe because my calendar goes something like this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – School

Tuesday – Special Instruction

Wednesday – Speech, Mom and Tot Group

Thursday Speech and OT

Damn the kid isn’t even in school full time yet and we don’t have extra curricular activities yet but my calendar has become a very important part of my life.

School has been going so well for Handsome. He has been doing really well and his teachers are telling me that he is the only one to answer questions in class. They did the letter “A” last week and after the teacher talked about “A” for apple and whatever else she came up with she asked if anyone knew of other words that started with “A”. Handsome gave her “Alligator and Astronaut.”

Also, when the teacher pointed to the date on the calender and asked if anyone knew what the date was he was the only one who knew it was the 19th.

They are also teaching the kids to write their own names so on the first day the made apples and wrote all the kids names in pencil. The kids were to trace the name and wear the apple. Not Handsome, he wrote his name below the name they wrote. That’s my boy!

A few things that happened this month..

We had a hummingbird fly into our gazebo and get trapped there for 2 hours. It was amazing and the kids and I were able to study it very close. I took tons of pictures but all are blurry. Oh well, it was a great experience for the kids and they now know what a hummingbird is.

Also, found these really weird things attached to the gazebo and I still don’t know what they are.  They look like eggs of some bug. They were really beautiful but hello they had to go and bug spray totally melted them.

We headed to three local farms and 2 parks so far this month and we hope to do some apple picking soon.


 For more pictures; go here

 Handsome also allowed someone to cut his hair. He has only had 2 professional haircuts in his 4 years all others were done by me. We have gone to a barber 2 other times but he threw a tantrum each time and we left without a single hair cut from his head. This past week, when I asked if he wanted to get his hair cut he said YES. I have heard this before so up until the moment he actually stepped into the chair and the barber started cutting I still figured we would be leaving without a cut. I have never been so proud. Watching him sit there like a big boy was so shocking to me. We waited 10-15 minutes for a barber and then there was a 20 minute haircut. I cannot believe how patient and willing he was. He’s growing up and it scares the hell out of me but I am so excited for him too.

He has also started showing interest in playing baseball and playing catch. So exciting. So many big boy changes going on that it freaks me out.

I am so proud of you Jesse. You make me laugh everyday.


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