I enjoy being a girl

October 9, 2007

Today was like a day sent from heaven. The kids were awesome. The morning weather was incredible. The scenic route to the bank stunning. Everything equaled a stress free, relaxing day. I use the word relaxing very loosly. This does not mean that I ever sat my ass in a chair other than the car going to the bank and for gas. We went to the library, I did 3 loads of laundry, folded or hung and put away, read 10 books to the Goddess, made breakfast and lunch and dinner, went over the alaphabet with Goddess, put in two movies for Handsome, Read 3 books to Handsome and then he read to me but at no time did I have to raise my voice to tell someone to stop, get down, get out, put it away, stop jumping, share, play nice, or whatever other command that flies from my mouth about 500 times a day. Ahh…good day.

If that wasn’t enough I had a heavenly time with Goddess. We shared an hour of total utter girliness. This is a day I longed for when I found out I was having a baby girl.

I played dress up by putting about 30 different hats and headbands on her and showing her what she looked like in my mother’s handheld vanity mirror. Then she would take the various headpiece from her own head and put it on Makeover Barbie’s head holding the mirror up to show Barbie how beautiful she looked. “See, see Barbie. She how pretty you look?”

Then we read 5 mini Disney princess books while I told her which princess figuring went with which book.

After that we played with a Cinderella felt book where she placed felt figures on the pages as I read to her.

I was ready to break out the nail polish and paint her wee little toes for the first time in her life but thought better of it. At any moment Handsome could have walked into our little girlfest and wanted his wee little nails painted too. I would have totally done it because I hate the phrases, “that’s for boys or that’s for girls.” I think they are confusing to little kids and really what difference does it make to them. They want what they want when they want it. Hello, welcome to kidsville.

I didn’t take pictures of our girlie moment because I was busy living and loving it. Oh well, here’s some random girly moments from last month.



Skye, thank you for this day and our little moment in heaven. I loved our little pink, girly hour and hope to have many more in the future. You are sweet, funny and a nuturing little soul.  As you conquer the world try to remember to have fun, live in the moment and enjoy your moment in pink tutus, lollipops, my little ponies and barbies.  


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