Self Portrait – Food Challenge Submission

October 17, 2007

I totally fell off the bandwagon on the whole getting pictures of myself and food. I wonder why this challenge has been so hard for me.

A-Could it be all the years of bulimia and coming to terms with my relationship with food?

B-Could it be that it just didn’t interest me?

C-Could it possibly be that food and I have nothing to discuss?

D- Or could it actually be that I am too tired to even think about taking a picture of myself eating?

I pick D….


october-16-2007-45.jpg This was dinner tonight. A little green with chop sticks and a beer chaser.

Yes…don’t adjust your monitor that IS a Wiggle bowl.


One Response to “Self Portrait – Food Challenge Submission”

  1. holli said

    this challenge hasn’t interested me either – just hang in there. whoa – you all use chopsticks a lot!!

    the wiggles… please, not this early. i don’t do men with tight pants before 8am.

    ps – don’t advertise your insecurity, pretend your way to success, or something like that.

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