1 Week and Counting

October 22, 2007


Ahhhhh it has been a long week.  Potty training #2 The Goddess has been interesting since we have done this all before. She started on her own last year she wasn’t quite 2 yet and everyone was telling me that she would be done before she turned 2 because she took to it so quickly. She did it all on her own for about 4 months and then when I started training her brother she gave it up.  

 Well fast forward to last Sunday.. 

Right after I had this thought, “this girl will pee for rewards”.  My first offer, “if you pee on the potty I’ll buy you a doll, any doll you want”.

Well, she didn’t bite, three pee diapers later I had my next brain storm.

“Goddess if you go pee on the potty, I’ll give you jelly beans. Jelly beans are candy!!” I said with a smile.

She has never had jelly beans but her face said, Oh hell yeah. She loves candy but doesn’t get much of it so I waited for her next pee diaper.

5 Minutes later, she came running over saying she had to pee, we ran to the bathroom and she did. I hugged her, told her I was so proud of her, dumped the pee, washed her hands, dried them and as we were walking out of the bathroom she ran into the kitchen yelling, “candy, candy, candy.”

I opened the cupboard and found a still sealed Easter egg. Like I said she doesn’t get much candy.  I opened it and bent so she could pick a jelly bean. She yelled “purple” and snatches one, put it in her mouth and chewed. “I like it!” She says this about anything sweet.

Then she asked for another one and I told her that the next time she pee’d she could have another. She seemed fine with this explanation and if you ever changed her diapers you would know that she pees like 100 times a day. She must of the tiniest bladder, (reminder to self, check with Pediatrician on next visit) because each pee is only about a teaspoon.

Needless to say she was getting like 15 jelly beans a day.

On Wednesday I headed over to my friendly neighborhood CVS and picked up a bag of Mini Kissables figuring that since she goes so often chocolate was a better option because it will rinse off the teeth better. Since she hasn’t had these yet either she was really happy to try them.  I dumped them into a jar and showed her that she could pick any color when she went potty.

Success! As of yesterday she is wearing underwear. She is excited about it and we find her sitting in the darkened bathroom by herself going pee.

I was interrupted from writing this post about 6 times, it took me 1 hour to write and one of the times was to change her and wash out her underwear. Since yesterday when we changed over to underwear she had not gone #2 yet. Today, she sat in the playhouse outside and dumped in her pretty pink panties. I can’t give her much grief though since she did try to go on the potty.

She sat on the potty in the bathroom for 35 minutes and I read her 5 books. Then we headed to the deck where we sat for another 20 minutes and I read another 4 books.

So to sum up; we have the pee thing down. Poop on the other hand….not yet but I am confident that we have blast off in the potty training department and my days as a diapering mom will soon be over.

Pray for me!!


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