Mini Convo

December 16, 2007

The other day I was wrapping presents for our family and friends. I figured it was a good way to discuss the whole giving is as good as receiving. I was on the kitchen floor and the kids helped by handing me tape and taking the scraps to the trash for me.

After wrapping my son who was laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling. He suddenly turned over and said, “Mom, now how are we going to get all these presents to Santa?”

I told him that was a great question and that we weren’t getting these to Santa because these are from us. But inside I was doing cartwheels. Isn’t this the same kid that has been in speech for 2 years? God damn that question was so well thought out and appropriate. Ahhh the little things.

I think so many people don’t take the time to notice the little things.

Maybe it’s from losing my mom when I was so young, maybe it is from my dad abandoning us, maybe it is because I waited so long to start a family or maybe it is just because..

Handsome and Goddess, I notice everything you do and say. I can’t get enough of you guys taking care of each other whether it is to bring the other a cookie, find a milk cup for each other, help with taking shoes off, or just plain ole encouraging each other I hear it and I am so proud of how you guys love each other.


One Response to “Mini Convo”

  1. Bekkah said

    Such a smart kid!!!!! You guys are gonna have such a blast this year…we can’t wait for Munch to be old enough to really enjoy the season 🙂

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