2008 Presidential Election Candidate Comparison

January 6, 2008

The 2008 Presidential candidates are all over the news. While I don’t consider myself up to date or even very interested in politics I think we should all be somewhat educated before voicing our opinions on candidates. 

(Can anyone else type up a post that makes sense with their children chirping in the background? God damn I need some silence!)

Anyway…as I was saying…I watch the news religiously but do not feel as if I can partake in any conversations involving the election.  Recent circles of friends have had discussions on who they would vote for or vote against. Who wants Hilary because we need a women,  who think Obama is bringing change, etc., etc. There are like 29 candidates and everyone is talking about the 2 with the highest news profiles.

Here is a site that helps in comparing candidates. You can read about what they stand for, stand against, their personal history, supported issues, their voting history, etc.

This site is for the no nonsense reader. Every issue right in your face.

I need to really read up on the other candidates because like a lot of people in the tri-state area I have a soft spot for Rudy. I know what he CAN do.  Rudy is strong! Could you see anyone else handling New York with such virtue,  grace, confidence, and valour during September 11, 2001? I can’t! Rudy has been tested and has shown that he can handle whatever is thrown at him. 

While I am unsure of who my Presidential vote will go to, I do know that I will be educated in my decision when the time comes.

Check out Project Vote Smart when you have a chance to really dig in to more information than anyone will ever need.


7 Responses to “2008 Presidential Election Candidate Comparison”

  1. Bekkah said

    Too funny! I posted that Vote Smart link a few days ago…guess we’re on the same page.

    Do you plan to vote in NY’s primary?? Time’s a wastin’ I think it’s only a few weeks away. For some reason PA isn’t until APRIL!?

    Oddly enough, I’ve been so focused on researching the Democratic candidates that I haven’t even looked at the Republican side. Every time I take one of those surveys, I always get paired up with either Clinton or Obama. I still haven’t made any conclusive decisions, but DAMN can Obama deliver a powerful speech!!

  2. mgagliano said

    I do plan on voting. But I don’t know what I am doing yet.

    I haven’t done enough research to make a decision yet. I think instead of who am I voting for it might be who am I voting against this year.

  3. Bekkah said

    I’m still not sure either, but I’m almost positive that I’ll be pulling for a Democrat. I actually had to look up the procedure online for changing political parties in the state of PA. Apparently, at some point Ohio and I became registered Republicans?!?!? In order to vote in a primary I believe that you can only vote in your party’s race, which is why we’re considering the change.

    I’ve always found politics so confusing, so it’s been interesting starting to research and learn more about it all. I still freakin’ HATE it, but it’s interesting nonetheless 😉

  4. mgagliano said

    I am a listed Republican. However I find myself middle of the road. I don’t think people should have to list themselves as anything. We should all be able to vote as we feel. Damn it!

    I agree with it being somewhat interesting but I would prefer them strapping on some boxing gloves and stepping in the ring. I am sure there a a bunch of them that would just love to slug another candidate. Now that would be interesting and entertaining.

  5. Bekkah said

    I agree, I dislike the fact that I HAVE to align myself with one side or the other. I thought that was what ‘Independent’ was all about, but then I read somewhere that in some states (like California) Independent’s can only vote in Democratic Primaries!?!? What’s the point?!

    LOL! Yes, it would be way more entertaining to see Hilliary and Barack just beat the livin’ crap out of each other…instead of having to watch this spineless muckraking night after night!

  6. mgagliano said

    Imagine! In this corner Hilary, and in this corner…

    They could have the old geezer congressmen hold round cards.

    Bwaaahhh I cracked myself up. Come on that would be funny.

  7. Bekkah said

    HA! I can just see Bill smearing Vaseline on Hillary’s face and Barack yelling out “Cut me, Mick” (I’m really hoping that you’ve seen Rocky).

    You crack me up too…that WOULD be funny. Wrong, but funny 🙂

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