HTML Is Confusing and Annoying

January 15, 2008


I am trying to add the Self Portrait button for a half hour now and I can’t figure it out. I give up. Calling Bek tomorrow morning.

Update: It is now 12:20 and I finally got it linked. Hooray. Thanks to the Teach, Bek’s wisdom from yesterday and MySpace HTML codes which I snagged. 


2 Responses to “HTML Is Confusing and Annoying”

  1. Bekkah said

    Glad you got it figured out…

    ‘ya know, I forget that Hoff is better versed in html than I am…next time I can’t figure something out I’ll have to call YOU guys!

  2. mgagliano said

    Yeah when he has time he is very resourceful in assiting me. He was working at the table last night when I started huffing and puffing. Basically he earned his keep.

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