Manic Monday – Wish

January 29, 2008


Today for Manic Monday over at It’s A Blog Eat Blog World, the word is Wish. I found this both difficult and easy to write about.

Who doesn’t wish for things? Who doesn’t wish that things could be different or wish we had more time with loved ones?

The women in the picture is my mother circa 1956. I wish I knew who the guy was. I know this was her prom and I wish I had that dress. My mom died when I was 12. I wish I had more time to get to know her.  I wish I could know her as a women,  not a wife, daughter or sister but the Diane the women.

I wish that I could pick up a phone and call her. I wish I could remember her voice, how she smelled, how she felt. 

I wish I could feel that mother love. The love that only your mother can give you.

I wish I knew if she was proud of me. I wish I could see her hold my children. I wish my children could know their grandmother. I wish I could tell her “I love you” and hear it back.

I wish I had another day, another hour, another minute with her. I wish she were here!!!


One Response to “Manic Monday – Wish”

  1. Audrey said

    How fun. I went to the manic Monday blog and the word was “blue”. I thought about feeling blue. I thought about the blue sky. I thought about blue jeans. How fun to think about a word and then write a post. Oh how I “wish” writing were just that easy 🙂

    Audrey 🙂

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