February 1, 2008

randomness…feed your mind and your blog
1. soda or water?
Ah, I love my water. I used to drink so much more but now my kids drink all my water. I know this isn’t a bad thing for them but it really sucks for me. My kids have yet to have soda including the 4 year old. My daughter does like seltzer though. 
2. mustard or ketchup? It depends on the food. Certain condiments go with certain foods.
3. lake or beach? Since a pool isn’t an option I choose lake. We spent the whole summer at our lake last year and I can’t wait to do it again this year.
4. rent a dvd or go to the theater? The last time I was at a theater was 2003. It was to see the Pirates of the Caribbean but I was a nursing mom of a newborn and well it was dark, someone was watching the baby, the seat was comfy. I did what any new mom would do. I slept.
5. log onto the Internet or go for a jog? I truly wish I could say I would go for a jog buuuuttttt….
6. read a book or watch a movie? I love both. Sitting down to a book is wonderful. Watching a movie with someone is wonderful. Depends on whether I have company or not.
7. Italian food or Chinese food? That is really hard. I love both but I think I could eat Italian food daily. One day of Chinese and I feel like I need to stay away from it for a month or more.
8. summer or winter? The old me, prior to last summer would have said winter. I hate being hot but last year rocked. My kids and I spent an awesome time at the lake during the week and on the weekend my husband came along. It was everything I hoped family time would be so Summer all the way.

till next time…


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