10 For Tuesday

February 5, 2008


10 Things I can see from where I am sitting.

I scanned the room from my seat and here is exactly what I am looking at right now.

picture-3612.jpgMy wedding picture is directly in front of me and the first thing I see when I look up.

picture-3621.jpgAs I look all the way to my right here is my refrigerator. While at the hospital after delivering my son the old fridge crapped out. I came home to no refrigerator, thankfully I was nursing and not worried about formula. We didn’t start out putting crap on the doors. We originally wanted it to be kept very neat and clean. That lasted until the letter magnets then a few reminder clips made their way up there. Now it is literally a free for all.

picture-3619.jpgUnder the wedding picture directly across from me is the Teach’s laptop, his binders, his mouse-pad and wireless and his laptop case along with his empty chair. He is at work. Ahhhh I miss him.

picture-3613.jpgHere is a Fisher Price Preschool Activity Table my daughter got for Christmas. It has some amazing things on it and the yellow part flips down to serve as a desk but she only plays with it. Maybe I should bring one of the wee little chairs up from downstairs and see if that makes a difference.  Outside it has been raining all day. A down right dreary day.

picture-3614.jpgOn the right here is my living room, where my daughter and fly by son have been watching TV, playing with Wiggles, Little People and random stuffed animals for the better part of two hours. The shopping cart holds her little stuffed animals at the moment and next to the TV is my son’s latest obsession the XBox. This little Prozac for Handsome was purchased long before he was born and recently taken out to see if he would like it. He does! Timer a necessity (55 minutes), and patience from mom and dad upon shutting the power off.

picture-3615.jpgHere is my little accent table. This table has been all over this house. It started right where it is but spent time in Handsome’s room and the Goddess’ room for a while before finding it’s way to it’s original spot to house my digital frame Christmas gift. Above the table is a picture from Handsome’s 1st Christmas of my sister, me and Handsome and under that is also a 1st Christmas picture of the whole Teach clan. Notice the little sticker sheet completed by Goddess yesterday to keep her busy while I went over words with Handsome. The apple hanging from the picture frame was made on Handsome’s 1st day of PreK this year.

picture-3617.jpgHere is a picture of my hutch which I wrote about here. It is right behind me and I am trying not to make it a carry all. I haven’t filled it anything yet because I didn’t want to just put anything. So far, it houses, my Willowtree collection, some things from my childhood that I took out of storage recently and my children’s pictures from school which I need frames for. I also have plants on top and a valentine necklace that my son made me in one of his therapy sessions.

picture-3618.jpgHere is my favorite collection at the moment. Willow tree figurines are beautiful to me. I love the simplicity of them.  Most of them were gifts from my friend Stephanie and some I purchased for myself. Over the years I have had many collections. My first were horses, then I moved onto snow-globes, dolls, and angels. I am sure this won’t be my last collection.

picture-3616.jpgImmediately to my left are these windows complete with curtains that were purchased by my dear friend Teresa when I purchased my home. It is so time for new curtains in all my rooms. One day!

picture-3620.jpgAbove me, is a beautiful, dusty, in need of 2 bulbs, fan. I need to get on really soon.


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