Thursday Thirteen – Mother’s Day Gifts That Would Rock My World

May 9, 2008


My Thursday Thirteen is stretching it a bit much but hey it is MY Thursday 13.
In no particular order, I give you my Thursday 13.
1. A night with hello…my favorite celebrity male Josh Holloway. God damn, that would be the last gift I would ever need thank you very much. Here is my Eye Candy post from last month. He is just yummy and hey I know he’s married and all but so am I. My husband totally wouldn’t mind, would you hunny?

2. Canon EOS 12.8 Mega Pixel SLR digital camera. It sells for about $3,200 so this is just about as out of range as Josh. Oh well. I said things that would rock my world and well, this would.

3. More in the range of a possible gift would be through my cable company. I would love to have DVR capability. I hate missing some of my favorite shows and I wish that it was possible for my husband and I to record things for when there is absolutely nothing on the 380 channels we currently have.
4. I am a sucker for infomercials which is why I don’t watch them. Buttttttt, about 2 years ago I saw an infomercial for Magic Legs and have it written on my dry erase board since. It is reasonably priced at $125.00 and folds up nice and neat for storage.
5. Since I am discussing exercise equipment, I would really LOOOOVE an elliptical trainer.

6. I need a bigger vehicle but right now with gas prices this would actually be my last choice. My choice would be a Toyota Sienna. Nice, big, roomy and the kids would be far away from each other. I want it in red or Metallic Blue. Nice!
7. It would be awesome to have a pool in my backyard. We have a lake near us but honestly, I am hardly a lake person. I love seeing the bottom and knowing there are no fish or weird things in the water that I cannot see.
8. A golf cart to get to the beach would be awesome though. A nice 4 seater that would take us there and back would be fun.
9. Wii Fit.
10. A plasma TV that would hang above our fire place and give us so much more room in our living room.
11. A new stove. We have a stove that came with the house. It is cira 1974 and only 2 of the 4 burners work and that is when they want to. I would love one of those easy clean cook tops would be nice.
12. A new vacuum cleaner. I really, really good one like a Dyson, Ball HEPA upright. I hate my rugs but mostly I hate them because my vacuum really sucks and not literally which is what a vacuum is supposed to do.
13. A night at a hotel with my husband and my kids. I would love to enjoy the pool during the day and then get room service at night. We can’t go on a vacation right now, which is what we really need, but this would be great too.

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