Big Brother’s Got Your Back

June 5, 2008

Yesterday I took the kids to the Elementary School Park to play for an hour. It was about 5:00 and I figured it would be pretty empty. It was my first time going there and figured we would try it out.
I told the kids if they listened while there and left when I said it was time that I would take them back. They were awesome. There was no problem when I told them it was time and they walked hand in hand to the car. Cute.
When we got there, there were about 8 kids between the ages of 5 and 12 with not a single parent in sight. Not a good sign. I refuse to be responsible for strangers kids and prayed no one would get hurt because I wanted to have fun with mine.
The kids were rude and obnoxious to my kids which was a little surprising considering I was right there. A few times they refused to let my kids get on or off the slide and one of them wanted to scare my kids when they came down the slide “Here come the little kids” was spoken more often than not in the 15 minutes we were all together or not. I just kept telling my two to say “excuse me” and pass down the ladder. I had to tell them to let my kids off the ladder 5 times. Annoying.
What I loved the most of seeing these obnoxious few was how protective my son was with my daughter.
He would walk up the steps, half block the way, let his sister pass in front of him by putting his hand on her shoulder and then take up the rear. He was very aware these kids were rude and he wanted to make sure nothing happened to her. “Watch for Goddess” he would say as she passed by. I loved watching him take on the big brother role. So sweet to see it at such a young age.

3 Responses to “Big Brother’s Got Your Back”

  1. Wow. Nice post. I just happened across it via searching tags.

    I felt my heart drop when you described the other kids being mean. That has got to be every parent’s worry.

    My son is two and his little sister is two months. My wife and I have been remarking about how even now he seems to be an attentive big brother. He makes a point of finding her pacifier when she’s crying and wants to keep her covered up with blankets so she doesn’t get cold.

    I hope he grows up to be as protective and brave as your son.

    Turkish Prawn

  2. bekkah said

    That really IS sweet! I love the fact that deep down your spirited little girl probably knew she could TOTALLY hold her own, but allowed her big bro to step up and handle the situation!!! >;)

    Some of the stories that I’ve heard from friends with older kids are just crazy. Being a kid was tough enough when we were in school, but it seems like nowadays our kids are experiencing these issues WAY too early.

  3. maria said

    TP- Thanks for checking me out and leaving a comment. You and your wife can help facilitate that relationship by making sure they always respect each other, take care of each other. I used to have them say “thank you”, “sorry”, or whatever was appropriate to each other and here we are 3 & 5 years old and they always say these things to each other. I can’t wait to check out your blog and read about your babies.

    Bek, It was and I was very proud. You are right, she probably could have taken control of the situation but didn’t want to step on any toes.

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