Life Update on the Past Few Days and Other Randomness

July 1, 2008

Because 5 just isn’t enough, I have added another blog to my list.

This one is called Memories Through Photography and it can be found here.

I have spent the last 4 days working with my husband on getting his company organized on Quickbooks which has been interesting and exhausting. Most of the work has to happen once the kids go to sleep. You know, around the time you really want to put your feet up and veg out for the night. Nope, not us..we are busy burning the midnight oil and then being kept awake by one or both of the children.

The boy’s stomach problem came to a head this morning when he finally decided to chuck up his dinner. He has been complaining since Friday but last night after he played all day (the park, the pool and Wii) and went to bed complaining we figured it was selective pain because of the attention he had gotten on Friday.

I was on 4 hours of broken sleep from the night before so when I finally went to bed only to be woken 20 minutes after I feel asleep to him complaining again I felt very contrived. There was some moaning and complaining but it seemed very weak and fake.

After telling him to go back to sleep 35 times last night I ended up with a case of the Mommy Guilts (see here)when he proceeded to do that cough. You know that cough, the one that tells you if you don’t act soon by sitting them up they just might choke. Well, there was coughing, then choking, the chucking, then tears (his not mine).

Poor kid was only sick when he was 22 months old. He was very confused and tired and I was feeling like shit for telling him to go to sleep the whole night while he tossed and turned.

Also, I am so excited to be able to participate in an upcoming product review. More on that as I get the details.

My blog needs some beautification. Summer is in full effect so hopefully beach and lake pictures are coming. My old header seems so cold to me right now. I feel a change a coming.


2 Responses to “Life Update on the Past Few Days and Other Randomness”

  1. bekkah said

    POOR kid! BAH…this is been a tough week for everybody, eh?!

    Mommy Guilt is THE worst…at least it’s comforting to know that we ALL suffer from it every now and then :\

  2. mgagliano said

    I see you’ve been under the weather also. Making doc appointments? Who are you?

    It does suck…but I have been having quite a few mommy guilt episodes in the past few weeks.

    Mommy guilt sucks.

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