Happy Birthday America

July 5, 2008



Do you have one of those kids? You know, the kind that have a question for everything?
Tomorrow is the 4th of July, here is a great link providing tons of information.
Why we celebrate the 4th.
The history behind our independence.
  • America’s birthday.
  • Fireworks.
    Why our flag is called Old Glory.
  • What the stars and stripes on the flag represent.
  • And more…
How do you celebrate the 4th? Join the rest of America and throw a big birthday celebration.
  • Take in a parade
  • Throw a BBQ with a few or a hundred friends and family
  • Take a mini family vacation to Washington, Williamsburg or Philadelphia.
Need a New Idea for Grilled chicken? I made this the other night and my husband loved it.
Marinate chicken breasts for 2 hours in (I didn’t measure, so just enough to cover the chicken without being wasteful).
BBQ Sauce – I used Jack Daniel’s Spicy Original
Lime Juice
Honey but you can also use brown sugar
Jose Cuervo margarita mix
It was awesome and I will be making it again tomorrow. Sorry I didn’t take a picture but take my word for it. It was awesome. My husband had made himself burgers that night and still ate 2 chicken breasts.
As for dessert, head on over to Family Fun for some wonderfully delicious ideas.
Especially their idea for S’more Roll-Ups. What kid doesn’t love a s’more? What mom doesn’t hate the sticky mess? Win-Win with this.
Or the Corn on the Cupcake here, so cute.

Enjoy and have a pleasant and safe 4th of July.

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