Product Review Corner – Gloves in A Bottle

July 19, 2008

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well but then I received a box of Gloves in A Bottle Moisture.

Here is why I love this product so much:

1-My son has had extreme eczema since he was an infant. We have spent so much time at the lake this summer that his legs are getting dry again. I applied Gloves in a Bottle before we headed to the beach today and his skin is still nice and smooth 4 hours later. I have tried everything on him to relieve some of his itch but this is the first product that works.

2-You feel moisturized and hydrated without feeling any of the residue most other moisturizers leave on the skin. There is no heavy feeling at all.

3-Since receiving this YESTERDAY, my heels, hands, elbows and knees feel like as smooth as my 3 year old’s.

4-I have never been addicted to putting moisturizers on. I am dying to slather this all over my body.

5-My husband likes his back and chest shaved in the summer and after we shaved him this morning his back and chest feel wonderful. He wants me to get him a bottle to keep in his van. This is saying a lot from a guy who says, “guys don’t need to take care of their skin”.

6-There is no competing scent. Nothing to clash with my body sprays or perfume and nothing to turn my husband off from using this on himself.

Gloves In A Bottle:
For dry skin care- as a dry skin moisturizer- for dry, itchy skin- for dry skin prevention- for dry skin problems of all kinds- as more effective skin care treatment- to better moisturize dry, cracked skin from the inside out.

The better solution to your dry skin care problems (even painful cracked skin) is found in Gloves In A Bottle!
Check their website for an ingredient list, testimonals, and a zip code locator for a supplier near you. You can also order from their website and have it mailed directly to you.

For before and after pictures.


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  1. Good article, thanx for sharing

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