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Product Review and My Very First Blog Giveaway-PRIMA PRINCESSA

I was very fortunate to have been able to review, a wonderfully crafted DVD by two amazing moms from my old home state, New Jersey.

Introducing: Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake

This DVD is just what this mom ordered. I took ballet as a child and have been recently trying to plant the dance bug in my 3 year old daughter’s ear. You can only give her so many tutu’s and princess things while asking “do you want to take ballet this year?”

Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake features a cartoon ballerina who narrates Swan Lake for us. Swan Lake, being performed by the Paris Opera Ballet is beautifully done. In between acts, we are treated to various ballet steps all set to a montage of toys, animals, children and young dancers for the viewer to learn. My daughter particularly loved the segments of little girls running around and laughing in their tutus. This 40 minute DVD has enough to keep the preschool age child all the way up to Grandma’s age interested.

I organized a play date with my girlfriend so that my 3 year old could watch it with a friend (a 9 year old dancer student). The plan was to have the girls watch the movie while we continued our own play date over at the dining room table with coffee and our laptops. We started the tape and were completely sucked in. So much so that we took our respective places next to our daughters and watched the whole movie with them.

While the movie was playing I heard my girlfriend’s daughter tell her mom that she wants to stay in ballet (she had been thinking of dropping it because she doesn’t love her teacher). BTW…I really wish someone had been able to take a picture of the 4 of us lying on the floor, taking up the whole little room, mesmerized by the movie.

I love how the girls watched the movie, laying down listening to every part of it. I had originally thought that they would be dancing the whole time. Afterwards, they put on tutu’s and danced around the room, hallway, kitchen and dining room.

This is a great way to introduce dance to your little one or to reinforce someone’s love for dance.

To read more information on the Prima Princessa DVD or to see clips head over to Prima Princessa.

For more information about the amazing moms who created this DVD, stop by their site Tutuzone.

Want a copy of this amazing DVD? It is available at Amazon.

Now, for information about my very first blog giveaway.

Drum roll please……

To get a brand new copy (sponsored by Prima Princessa) and a brand new ballerina Barbie Doll

  • Leave a comment on my blog Maria’s Space.
  • A random winner will be selected and notified by email on August 2nd.
  • The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize.


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