Go To Bed, School’s A Coming

August 15, 2008

With back to school around the corner, most of my mommy friends are talking about schedules and mainly how to get their kids back on them.

Have you had a scheduled bedtime?

Have your kids been sleeping until whenever they decide to wake?

Then it might be time to start rescheduling that school time clock again.

If you are letting your kids stay up until whenever, start sending them to bed around an hour earlier than usual. Over the course of the next three weeks move it up until they are back on schedule.

Having a routine at night will make the transition easier for all of you.

Family fun time (game, movie, playing outdoors, taking a walk around the neighborhood, snuggling together on the floor, or whatever your family loves to do that isn’t extremely active.

*A snack



*Tooth brushing

*A story or two

*Hugs and kisses, good-night

In the morning, start setting the clock for an hour or two earlier depending on when your little darlings are waking. Use that extra time to do something together as a family. Make them breakfast, take them to the park, a farm, or the library. The weather is nice and cool in the morning and no one else is there. Walk around and enjoy your last few weeks together before every one’s life becomes more routine.

Starting slowly will make the transition easy for everyone involved and make it a whole lot easier than waiting until the week before school.

Enjoy your kids because they grow out of us a whole lot quicker than we grow out of them.



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