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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Two weeks ago today I started a health plan (I totally prefer this term to diet) with my husband. If you were following along when I weighed in here.

I am very happy to report that I am down 6 pounds by following a very easy plan.

Ok, want to know the secret?

Come here…I’ll tell you.




Ok, you reduce calories and work out.

There, now you know.

No seriously, here is what I am doing.

Breakfast choices – egg beaters with 1 slice of deli ham or cereal such as Wheaties or All Bran with blue berries.

Lunch – Turkey breast on wrap with lettuce, mayo or soup or Lean Cuisine meal, or salad with greens and some tuna on top.

Dinner – Turkey breast wrap again, or steam veggies with grilled chicken and a salad, or Lean Cuisine meal, or soup.

I have had some snacks/cheats but I average only about 4 a week. My snack might be a small Baby Bell cheese, berries, apples, I had a small breakfast sausage last week when my son didn’t finish his breakfast. Also, there has been chocolate milk when my daughter didn’t finish hers and a piece of almond, raspberry tart, and a burger at a BBQ this past weekend. I even had 2 cupcakes on my birthday and the remainder of my daughter’s ice cream yesterday when she didn’t finish.

These are my choices so I am not saying to follow by any means. I just mention it because my cousin, father and friends have been asking how I lost it so far. I would love to know what I would have lost if I didn’t have the snacks and if my period wasn’t just days away.

As for exercise, we work out 3 times a week but I am also doing Wii Fit which I do not calculate into my plan because I don’t get to do it as much as I would like.

3 reps of each with resistance bands of

  • Overhead press
  • Bicep curls
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Lateral raise
  • Chest press

Also, 3 reps of push ups and sit ups.

The idea is to do as many as it takes to fatigue the muscle but never stop working. No long breaks if you need to rest the muscle work on a different muscle.

It takes roughly about 35 minutes.

Here are some examples and still more here

If you read this and you are trying to lose weight, leave your link. I am interested to see what other people are doing.

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What Happened To Lunch?

I know, I know…I am supposed to have 3 meals a day.

Breakfast was so big and I was not hungry at lunch time. Dinner was 2 small burgers and I know that choice could have been better to but that was what was in the freezer.

Tomorrow breakfast is going to be cereal and I am going to try to make more of an effort.

I really wanted to log my meals before I made changes.  As I mentioned in my first blog about Spark I wanted to make myself accountable for what I ate. How can I be accountable unless I actually see it all in black and white?

There was no exercise this weekend so next week that will have to change. I had been doing some floor work in the evening but that didn’t happen last night and today I was quite the busy bee updating my blog, reading, playing with the kids, cleaning 2 bedrooms from the ceiling lights right down to pulling furniture away from the walls and getting into those corners. The closets were vacuumed out and the book shelves and toy boxes stripped and refilled with a few less things. Something that gets done every few weeks.

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Logging Food Makes You Full


So yesterday I wrote about going back to SparkPeople and trying to stick with the whole thing.

I logged my food yesterday and came up about 200 calories short for the day.

Today my lunch put me over the top. It wasn’t a big lunch by any means but it was pizza and according to Sparkpeople my 2 slices of pepperoni pizza bring me 200 calories over the recommended allowance.

The pizza was homemade and the calories logged on Spark are for 2 slices of pepperoni pizza period. I am not sure if that means from a greasy pizzeria or if that means making your own pizza with your own flour, yeast, water, sugar, salt, sauce and pepperoni or perhaps it’s the same thing. Whatever, if I look at the numbers, I am in fact, done for the day.

So no dinner for me! Thankfully we were doing whatever night which basically means I throw two choices to the kids and they get to choose. The girl requested cereal and the boy asked for a bagel and cheese.  Easy as pie. I was only going to have Special K tonight anyway.

Thankfully the Valentines candy is almost gone and if I didn’t have a migraine today (which nothing was helping) I was going to go on the treadmill. Hopefully tomorrow that will happen.

I will have a cup of tea about 7:00 p.m. and try to get another 2 glasses of water in before I turn in for the night. So far I have had 3 glasses of water maybe that is why I am full.

No sense worrying about the 864 calorie lunch now tomorrow is another day.

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Weighing In

Back in July I joined a great site called Spark People. I loved it and checked in daily for the first 2 weeks. Then the summer got away from me, school started, Christmas shopping, my son’s anxiety about leaving me that came out of left field, tons of crap and before you know it we are in February.

Ummm…was it really July that I was there last?

Anyway I signed in again today and started logging my food for the day (One of the best features about the site as far as I am concerned) when it dawned on me how little I pay attention to my food intake. I love that this site makes me accountable for what I eat. Also, that I am not drinking enough water which is something I used to be able to do before kids. I always have a glass of water near me and although this is a good thing, my kids drink all my water. So although I am filling 6 glasses a day I drink about 2.

Another thing is that I eat what the kids don’t. Like the sausage I made this morning (not a big enough breakfast I know) for them which they left 1 each on their plates, I ate. I didn’t even like it. It was cold and taste greasy.

Then my daughter asked for these organic cookies from Earth’s Best but ate only 2 of them. I ate the rest of the serving size. I didn’t even want them.

I am going to start writing about my progress on this blog because I want to hold myself more accountable for what I eat.

My goal is to live healthier, be more active (summer is coming and we are always more active in the summer), drink MY water, and eat more live food which inevitably will help me lose weight which is never my first goal.

I had an eating disorder for many years and try not to make my weight an issue. I try not to make my weight ever be about a particular number.

Also, I try not to let anyone’s comments (cough cough my husband), affect my thoughts on myself. Which to be honest has gotten easier over the years. Say what you will, I do not care! Not that he comes right out and makes inappropriate comments about gasp a women’s weight but there have been some insensitive comments that I will never be able to forget.

As for SparkPeople’s other great features check out the fitness section where they provide you with a easy, exercise plan that you can do right next to your desk if you need to.

If you join Spark please let me know I would love to have some friends on there.

Here’s to getting healthy, living longer and buying off the rack!

So Far today.

Regular Coffee, 1 cup (8 fl oz) 2 0 0 0 Remove
Milk, 3.25%, 1 fl oz 18 1 1 1 Remove
Armour Brown and Serve Original Sausage (3 links), 1 serving 210 2 19 7 Remove
Bread, mixed-grain (includes whole-grain, 7-grain), 2 slice 130 24 2 5 Remove
Scrambled Egg, 1 large 101 1 7 7 Remove
Ham, extra lean, (5% fat), 1 slice (6-1/4″ x 4″ x 1/16″) 37 0 1 5 Remove
Milk Chocolate Candy, 1 bar, miniature 36 4 2 0 Remove
Earth’s Best Organic Cookies, 1 serving 130 19 5 1