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The Goddess’s 2nd Day Of Pre-School

Tuesday was the Goddess’ very first day at pre-school and she did fab!

Mom on the other hand was a bit of a mess.

I can’t say I was worried, just a little melancholy that my baby was going to leave me for 2.5 hours, two days a week.

Her dad and I were sure that she would have fun, we also were sure that she wouldn’t miss us, her brother is in the same place so they would have each other.

From the moment she woke up at 7:00 she was ready for school. She wanted to get dressed right away and we had to keep reminder her that school wasn’t open yet.

She asked about 15 times before 9:00 “can we please go to school now.”

Unfortunately it rained so I was unable to get any good pictures of her going in. I took some but I am not happy with any. My husband was with us and I always feel silly whipping out the camera every second.

Bad Mommy moment – I had promised her that she would be getting a balloon. We had brought one on Monday for her brother’s first day and she asked for one the whole day. I promised her that I would get her one on HER first day. Since it was her first day, I refused to leave town. Honestly, I doubt I will be leaving for the next 2 months).

I walked into the class and both my kids ran over to hug my legs and say hello. My son was first, followed by the Goddess. Her first words….”Hi mommy, where’s my balloon?”

We did go out to get one right after but how awesome would it have been if I had walked in with it???!!!

Here are the few I did manage to get.

Heading to school in the pouring rain.

Dropped off, took pictures and she sat right down to play

Finally, getting a balloon.

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Thursday Challenge – Outdoors

If you want to play along with the Thursday Challenge, head on over here.

Here are my kids enjoying one of the local farms in my area. We love going to the farms early before the rest of the world has even thought of leaving their house. It is usually just us, the animals and the farmers.

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Big Brother’s Got Your Back

Yesterday I took the kids to the Elementary School Park to play for an hour. It was about 5:00 and I figured it would be pretty empty. It was my first time going there and figured we would try it out.
I told the kids if they listened while there and left when I said it was time that I would take them back. They were awesome. There was no problem when I told them it was time and they walked hand in hand to the car. Cute.
When we got there, there were about 8 kids between the ages of 5 and 12 with not a single parent in sight. Not a good sign. I refuse to be responsible for strangers kids and prayed no one would get hurt because I wanted to have fun with mine.
The kids were rude and obnoxious to my kids which was a little surprising considering I was right there. A few times they refused to let my kids get on or off the slide and one of them wanted to scare my kids when they came down the slide “Here come the little kids” was spoken more often than not in the 15 minutes we were all together or not. I just kept telling my two to say “excuse me” and pass down the ladder. I had to tell them to let my kids off the ladder 5 times. Annoying.
What I loved the most of seeing these obnoxious few was how protective my son was with my daughter.
He would walk up the steps, half block the way, let his sister pass in front of him by putting his hand on her shoulder and then take up the rear. He was very aware these kids were rude and he wanted to make sure nothing happened to her. “Watch for Goddess” he would say as she passed by. I loved watching him take on the big brother role. So sweet to see it at such a young age.
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In Your Easter Bonnet – Play in the Dirt

I don’t get it.
What is it with kids and dirt?
The first part of this story is that my daughter and I were (ok me, I was), very excited that this would be the first time she would wear an Easter bonnet and white gloves. She was excited to put them on and she picked out the bonnet herself.
I bought her something to wear (probably the 5 thing I have purchased for her clothing wise in the almost 3 years she is here). Something new, not handed down, hers and hers alone. It wasn’t my favorite but there wasn’t much to chose from. Easter is really early this year and it is pretty cold for the typical Easter wear.
She was all dressed sitting waiting to leave for her Abuela’s when she asked me to change her diaper…insert screeching car tires here because ummm hello she hasn’t worn a diaper in just over 3 months. In the 3 months since she has trained she has had 3 count them, 3 accidents. So why, oh why on this particular day, when the outfit had only been on her for 1/2 an hour would she decide to use it as her own personal portable potty?
I told her that she didn’t have a diaper on and that I hoped she was kidding. I had just washed and dried her tights. The reason she wasn’t wearing them earlier was because they were in the dryer, drying so that she could wear them with her new stinkin’ Mommy doesn’t love Easter outfit.
Anyway, I digress. I change her, and tell her how disappointed I am that she pee’d in her clothes and next time ask me to take her to the potty. She says what she always says, “I’m sorry Mommy.” We put on the next best thing. A punky, fun, pair of stockings, the only ones that would be warm enough but didn’t have snow flakes on them and head out the door.

We go to the in-laws with my son looking like the little man and the girl looking like a little funky punk. Eat a wonderfully delicious lunch and then my husband decides to take the kids outside.
Normally I don’t mind them being little rug rats because well as far as rug rats go they are pretty clean. They never have crusty messes under their noses, they never smell, their clothes don’t have huge unidentifiable stains and they don’t argue to wash their hands, but why on Easter must we play in the dirt?

I guess they had a good time and Tide will take out the stains. My mother and father would have freaked if we were all dressed up playing in the dirt but I guess there are worse things they could have gotten into.
So Easter and dirt, perfect together. Who knew?
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I Had Bread Dad

I wish there were pictures to document this event but even though I had the camera there wasn’t a time when I felt there was time to whip it out.

This morning we got dressed and headed to church for the second Sunday in a row.

We walked in, got our palms, sat down and waited for mass to begin. Pastor came over to us and asked how we were all doing, my kids said hello and we shook hands.

The kid mass is at 9:00 but that is just too hard to do right now so the mass we do get to is nice, quiet and very intimate with only about 25 people, my kids being the only kids under 16.

They were relatively quiet. I did have to hold my daughter a couple of times to explain that she couldn’t write on the bibles, tap dance, talk during the sermon, or walk around the pews. My son kept himself busy by probably zoning out and sitting like a little man right next to me while parishioners preformed “The Passion” which was mostly a reading of what happened on Jesus last day.

I would narrate everything that was going on. He told me I was doing a good job singing from time to time and my daughter asked to go home.

They “did the sign of peace” with just about anyone who came over. I was very proud of how they shook hands, they are only 2 and 4 years old and mass was 1 1/2 hours long with nothing to do but sit and listen and they were fabulous.

When it was time for our offering I handed him the envelope. He wasn’t quite sure, even after I prompted him what to do. It was cute the way 5 old ladies tried to motion for him what to do with the envelope.

We walked up to the alter and knelt down to accept the body and blood of Christ. In the Lutheran Church anyone can receive communion and last year my son would not take the host (bread). This time as the Pastor got closer, I told him what was happening and he put his little hand out and was handed bread which he happily ate after the Pastor told him he could. I was beaming with the fact that my son just received his first communion.

My daughter, who I was holding was blessed as the Pastor walked by handing out bread to everyone. She was very upset the whole way back to our seat asking for bread. “I want bread!”

Afterwards Pastor told her that she would get bread next time if it was ok with me. She was happy and I was thrilled and proud of how good they were.

When we got home my kids were excited to tell Daddy they had fun at Church and my son’s first words piling out of the car? “I got bread Dad!”

Next up…Good Friday.