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The Car Wash Can Be Scary When You Are 3 Years Old

I took the two of them into a car wash the other day. My son was amazed, this was the 2nd time and he couldn’t wait. The Goddess on the other hand was very nervous. She kept hiding behind her juice to peek out.

In this one she is saying, “no, no pictures”.
Handsome loved the sudsy water that cascaded over the vehicle. He just kept saying, “the sun’s going down. Look it’s night time.”

Tiny Video of the Car Wash

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No Kindergarten for Us

 I have decided that my son will NOT be going to kindergarten this year. Back in April I discussed his IEP meeting and how I was confident that another year in Pre-K would be beneficial to him.
The school for some reason seems to be against his staying in Pre-K. They believe that I should put him in Kindergarten and if he needs more time, he can repeat Kindergarten. This just makes no sense to me.

What is the most frustrating, is that my son who has been in Early Intervention since he was 21 months for a speech delay would be fine in Kindergarten but it is not Kindergarten that I am worried about. It is every grade after that. He is academically ready for 1st grade but his academics have never been the issue. My kid was telling me B-L-U-E spells blue and H-O-U-S-E spells house when he was 22 months old.

My decision has been based on his IEP as well as my daily interactions and concerns with him. I have been telling his therapists that I recently made a call to the school to let them know that I have made my final decision, he will not be coming in September.

There was a bit of an attitude on the phone from someone who I thought was my ally. Maybe they were having a bad day or maybe there is some red tape they will need to go through now that he is 5 (above Pre-K age), but still in services.

I have no idea.

What I do know is this…

My son had a speech delay which contributed to a social, emotional and mental delay. This along with the personality of a pre-schooler (testing the waters, talking back) and the inability to remain focused, along with a self esteem problem because for the past 3 years he has been corrected every time he tried to say something and a classification of a preschooler with a disability = a definite reason to delay the start of school.

While he has been making great progress since starting services, I see no reason why this is meeting with such resistance.

There are mainstream children who have no classification or present any of the above mentioned reasons for delaying Kindergarten, yet because of their birthday or immaturity wait a year to begin. So, why are we rushing my son?

He is enrolled in a preschool that I have been talking with for over 4 months now and I am excited to see what September hold for him.

Supposedly he will also get speech and OT at the Elementary school 4 times a week but if this does not fit into my schedule (I do have another child and we will be waiting in town for close to 2.5 hour a day, 4 times a week), I have no problem cutting off therapies, giving him a year off and resuming again when he starts kindergarten.

I have a call into the Special Education Department to discuss more what will happen in September. Hopefully all goes well and they and I can continue to work together for my son’s benefit. If not, I will have to confront them on their attitude and demeanor on our last call and ask that they refrain from further discussions of my son with me unless we are in a Board of Education Meeting.

School Issues in July?

I thought we were all getting along.

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Cuteness By Handsome

The other day I came out of a much needed shower after scrubbing the tub. I have a bathrobe hanging in the bathroom that I never wear. It was given to me at my bridal shower and it is much too big, much to bridal and much too silky. It looks like a big wedding gown.

I headed down my 6 foot hallway toward my bedroom. When I got there my son was walking out, probably jumping on my bed which he is not allowed to do, heard me coming and high tailed it out. Since I was in the shower he must have thought it was ying yang party time and jumped with full abandon.

My son looked at me and just as I was about to ask “were you jumping on my bed?” He said, “your dress is sooooo beautiful. You look like a princess. Are you a princess?”

Taken in by the total cuteness, yes I am a terrible mother, I said, “no honey, I’m not a princess.” He said, “Yes, you are. Can I have a kiss?”

I kissed him and told him “thank you.”

He ran out of the room and it was then that I remembered that he was probably jumping on my bed. Oh well, compliments are an important childhood lesson right?

This afternoon I asked Handsome if he wanted lunch. He said, No.

Being his mom, I know that he needs to eat and it is my job to get food into him that isn’t orange and in the shape of a fish so I started rattling off the options. When I got to hot dogs he said, “No, thank you, too spitty!”

Last week he had an upset stomach for a few days. On the morning that he actually threw up he had hot dogs the night before.

So I told him that they aren’t too spitty but that he needed to eat something for lunch.

He again said, “Not hot dogs. They made my stomach hurt. They made me spit.”

I love that he calls vomit “spitty.” I think it’s a much cuter term.

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Manic Monday – Pride

The word at Mo’s Manic Monday is Pride.

This is going to be a piece of cake. I have been brimming with pride ever since Friday, June 20th when my son graduated Pre-K.

Walking into his class room with his father who has only been to school once I thought for sure he would bolt from his seat and give his teacher a hard time when she asked him to sit.

He was one of the 85% who were able to contain themselves. They sat looking at us (the families) while we stared at them for about 15 minutes before the festivities began. There was a time when he stood up to walk over 10 minutes in but his teacher asked him to sit and he did.

Last year he would not sit and I was unable to get any pictures of him and his class. This year, he stood with the class and posed for 100 pictures as all the families snapped away.

I was so proud that he went up for his diploma with a big smile on his face(last year his teacher had to ssssstretch and hand it to him). Proud that he posed with his therapist and his teacher for pictures and proud that he sang all the songs, the national anthem and counted in Spanish 1-10 and then backwards. Love it!

So cute to see all their little faces as they leave the school and high five each other.

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Friday Night Belly Ache

I hope tomorrow morning my little man is feeling better.

Today was the first time since he was 21 months old that he complained about his stomach. We have been fortunate with illness, or ailments in this house for the last 3 years.

He started complaining at about 1:30 right after lunch. He basically said, “mommy, my stomach hurts.” He said it again about 5 more times within the hour. When he finally went to the bathroom I figured everything would be ok. He again, told me that his stomach hurt. He went to the bathroom again (odd). No diarrhea, no vomiting (thank God), just complaints about his stomach.

We were on a play date so I finally took him home at 3:00 figuring that he just needed to lie down.

When we got home I thought for sure he would perk up, ask for Wii and turn back into my rambunctious, spirited, 5 year old. This did not happen!

He asked me to lie down with him so I did. I got up after 10 minutes to assist the Goddess with some potty stuff.

When I got back to my bed, he had moved to his bed and was under the covers. I left him and started cleaning. I came back about 20 minutes later to see him still lying down. Strange.

He didn’t want pizza (his favorite) and asked me to rock him.

I held him on my lap as he just made faces and closed his eyes. Sensing that the Goddess and her daddy wanted to play I took him with me into my room because really, who wants to have someone bouncing around when your stomach is sick?

We got into bed and he was out in less than 8 minutes. That was at 7:10 p.m. He is still sleeping soundly. I hope that whatever it is, settles and that basically he just has a sour stomach.

I hope that when he wakes in the morning, he once again asks, “can I play Wii” the moment he opens his eyes. I will say, “no, it’s too early” and we will get on with our day.

I hope!