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Wii – Me Love You Long Time

For my son’s 5th birthday I mentioned Wii to my husband. I thought it would be something that we could build on and all enjoy over time.

Playing the hero, he surprised us with it and we have been enjoying it ever since.

The game was bundled with Wii Sports, a 5 game disk that includes bowling, tennis, golf, boxing and baseball and we got him Super Mario – Super Galaxy.

He also got 2 other games from my sister-in-law, Mario Kart and Go Diego Safari Rescue.

We, as a couple are having so much fun! We used to spend a lot of time together before kids, playing games on XBox, listening to music, talking, hanging out together, etc. Then kids come and everything is about them. We have different interests and different directions right now. He started his own company and works the hours of well the president and I am a full time mom also with few hours to burn. We enjoy different TV shows on our down time and rarely spend alone time together which is really bad for a marriage.

Hello, not saying that Wii has saved THIS marriage, we were hardly leaning toward that road but we are enjoying more time together. Our competitive side comes out and we pat each other on the ass while we strut around the room with our Wii remotes poised and ready to kick some spousal ass.

So, Wii thank you. Thank you for allowing me to try to kick my husband’s ass at bowling or golf and legally knock my son out with a few rounds of boxing all while occasionally kissing the palm of my hand with a little game bop vibration through the wiimote.

The only thing that would make the game better would be if there was a little cooling unit in wiimote.

$249.00 without tax is well worth it.

Recently I rented Tiger Woods PGA 08, Carnival Games and Sonic and the Secret Rings, but more on the games later.


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Happy Birthday to The Teach

Although my husband does not read my blog (*gasp* I know right!?), today is his birthday and I want to honor him here where I spend about 35% of my day.
Since this blog was intended as a legacy for my children I want to tell them just how much he means to me and how awesome he is.
Written with the limited knowledge I have learned through the 17 years of knowing his parents.
Daddy was born in Newark NJ back in 1971. His parents came here from Spain about 3 years earlier to live “the American dream,” the one his father saw in all the movies he watched.
His father (your Abuelo) was a hard worker who learned English, went to college, got a job as an electrician at CBS and made a decent life for his family.
Daddy grew up in New Jersey and was the only boy and the youngest of 3. He went to high school, played football, was in the band, eventually taught himself to play amazing guitar. He was a really great guitar player and joined a few bands. I used to go watch him play and everyone would come up to me telling me what a great guitarist he was.
We met while I was driving around with Aunt Teresa after breaking up with a boyfriend. She knew that I liked long haired guys and noticed him change lanes next to us. He was in front of us and she honked to get his attention. He looked in his rear view mirror and she told me to wave. She didn’t want him to think she was trying to get his attention. She was very adamant about that.
We followed him through 2 towns until he stopped his car. He says now that if his car was faster he could have outrun us. I remember telling her to stop following him because it seemed a bit manic and we didn’t know who he was, where he was going, or what he really looked like. We saw a long haired guy in a car and we were following him? If I had been driving we would never have met because I would not have followed him. She takes total credit for setting us up and also blames herself when we had problems, “If I hadn’t chased him you would have been with someone else.”
We could have met somewhere else because we did like the same music so it may have been inevitable anyway that we ran into each other in a club or bar. Although he wasn’t 21 years old yet so he didn’t go out as much as I was. So who knows.
Anyway, when he finally stopped the car at his destination, and he was cute and had a guitar I was thankful that she had followed him.
She was pushing me to get out so that he again didn’t think she was the one after him. I had no idea what to say. What do you say to someone you obviously chased for 15 minutes, cutting in and out of traffic and park behind him on a suburban street? As I was walking around the car I noticed a blue WSOU Pirate Radio bumper sticker. So what do you think my opening line was? Yup, “where did you get the bumper sticker?”
He told me that he got it at a club, party, someone’s house…I don’t even remember his answer. I just remember feeling stupid and wondering if he was interested in my friend, the tall blonde or in me the short brunette.
I asked about the guitar and he said he was going to rehearsal at his friend’s house. He pointed the the house. I felt like I should let him go but why follow him if I wasn’t going to at least get his phone number?
He said he was looking for a singer for his band and I told him I knew a lot of band people. He gave me his phone number and said if I knew someone who was looking for his band to have them call him.
We got paper and pen and he leaned on the car to write his number. I remember that the name he wrote looked like Toe. I joked about the name and he smiled and said, “No dude, that’s a J”, then he playfully shoved at me and I felt like we knew each other.
I don’t recall the rest. I don’t recall him walking away, or us getting back in the car. I don’t even recall how many days it took me to call him but what I do remember is calling him and telling him that I was the girl who chased him down the other day. He said he knew and that he remembered. I know also that I wanted to be certain that he knew which I was, blonde or brunette. I told him that I was the short brunette and he told me that he knew and that he preferred short brunette’s. Yeah…score.
I’ll save the rest for another day, I just wanted to get into writing how we met.
There are so many reasons as to why “The Teach” is the guy I decided to spend my life with.
Mostly what I want you guys to know as we celebrate his 37th birthday, is that he loves you.
He works hard to make sure that you guys have what you need and what you want. He comes home after running his own company (anyone who has their own knows you work
24/7) and plays Xbox with Handsome and hugs and kisses you both until you can’t stand it.
He may not have time right now to go to the park with us, or family outings but when he is with us he does try to spend as much time as possible talking to you, asking how your day was, what you did, and what you learned. He is eager to see what you drew, colored, painted, etc. He hands over his TV most of the day until 7:00 when he wants the news on. He wrestles, carries, spins and throws you until everyone is exhausted. He takes you out of the bath, dresses and combs your hair, fills milk cups, brings home pizza on Friday’s, cuddles you until you fall asleep Goddess, or carries Handsome to bed when he falls asleep in the living room. Shh’s you when you wake at night and holds you if you get hurt.
He is amazing in so many little ways and in the biggest way of all. He gave me my biggest reason to be here. He gave me the two of you. Without him there would be no you and there would possibly be no me.
Sadly, we were unable to get him much for his birthday but I am sure that the sight of you guys bringing him his gift and saying “Happy Birthday Daddy” this morning were enough for him.
If not, next time he will have to give us a list right????
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There’s No Place Like Home

We have lived in this house for about 9 years now and it is still very basic. The curtains that we bought for the house are still gracing our windows, the dining room table used to be a Staples banquet table and now it is a beautiful hand-me-down from our friends the Oz’s. The living room furniture used to be two chairs from our deck and now we have a couch but really not much else has been added in the way of furniture until now….


My husband asked me to sell something for him on EBay last week. I sold it for $350.00 and he was nice enough to tell me I could use the money for anything I want. Originally I was going to apply it to my credit card. Whose doesn’t go up around the holidays? Then I decided that perhaps I should get a new comforter for our bed. It has been 10 years since we had a new one but what could I do with the reminder?

But then…. I spotted this on JC Penny’s site and fell in love with the beachy look of it. The best part was that I had money, it is on sale and they are offering free shipping over $99.00. Could the moons be any more aligned? It is meant to be I just knew it.

I told myself that I would sleep on it and if I still wanted it in the morning I would order it. The next morning I measured again to make sure it was possible for my no wall living space. Where would I put it?

My sister-in-law was over with my nieces and I showed her. She loved it and told me I should order it. I told her that I was thinking about it but where would I put it and her brother/my Teach would probably have a fit because I was bringing more stuff into our house. He has a thing about too much stuff. Not much here but he hates stuff. Mostly he hates my stuff but that is for another post. Because this is supposed to be a nice post.

Today I emailed a picture to Bek  who also liked it.  The Teach came home early and I really wanted to know what he thought. I needed his opinion. He lives here too and he should have some say into what I bring in right? (To T, D, SR, I already know what you would say here).

I showed him a picture and he said without looking; “go ahead it’s your money get whatever you want”.

Ok, typical but I need to know if he likes it. So I leave the screen of my computer up and walk away thinking and also knowing him I know that he will eventually want to look at it but not show me that he cares. I see him look, he walks over to the wall in the kitchen, looks at it, looks at the dining room wall, then says, “go ahead order it and we’ll figure it out when it gets here. Wooot! I am psyched and can’t wait for it to get here. I am so excited to have something beside a couch, rocking chair, TV and dining room table and chairs in these rooms. It will finally look like a grown up home and not like a dorm room.

Thanks for the money honey and for the go ahead! You rock! 

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What I love About Christmas

copy-of-december-7-2006-7.jpg Picture from last Christmas

Wow, 21 days until Christmas. I am just about done. I have my hubby and my honorary nephew to buy for. Everyone else is done unless I come into some mula before Christmas.  I love giving presents. I love wrapping something that I hope someone will love and seeing them (hopefully happily) enjoy what they received.

As we get closer to the holiday I am feeling the buzz. My kids are so excited this year which makes it even more special for me. My husband put the Christmas lights outside this weekend. I can’t wait to see what they look like. It never gets old. I am always excited when Christmas lights are strung on the house. I can’t wait to get the tree and have the living room glowing with the warm, colorful lights that say Christmas is coming.  I remember when I was young my parents would take out the damaged, broken boxes of old dusty Christmas decorations and ornaments. I would get so excited to rummage through the decrepit boxes to gaze upon my favorite trinkets. Usually anything that sparkled or included a cute elf or horse was the first thing my eye was drawn to.  I loved our Christmas manger with its Mary, Joseph, Wise men, donkeys and baby Jesus. It had wood on the roof to make it look like hay and an angel overhead. The little windup box played Away in a Manger and we covered baby Jesus up cotton until the morning when he was born. More than my parents version I loved my grandmother’s manger. Hers was bigger and the figures weren’t glued down like my families. They could be moved and played with and Lord did we.  We moved them around and talked for them, put them in the back of barbie cars and fought over who played with what figurine.  

This year will be different for my little family. For the past 16 or more years I have headed to my in-laws house on Christmas Eve. Dinner was around 7:00 and kids ran amok until 12:00 a.m. when they were finally able to open all the gifts that are under the tree and I do mean ALL. My husband’s family and his cousin’s families all bring their gifts over to one home and open all the gifts together.  I never understood this tradition. It is such a frenzy. The kids are over tired and the over excited. Husbands and wives exchange gifts across a crowded room and thank each other from their respective corners.  It seemed so impersonal and even though we were often asked to bring our gifts to each other over we never did. We would leave there around 3:00 a.m. go home to our place, exchange stockings and then in the morning put on Christmas music, get some garbage bags, set up the video camera on a tripod and recorded ourselves exchanging gifts with a kiss and a thank you. I love looking back on these tapes as boring as it may be for an outsider. I get a lot of joy out of watching us love, respect and honor each other so completely. My kids have taken to watching these tapes over the past year and half. It is fun to walk into my son’s room and see the kids watching “Mommy and Daddy do Christmas.”

This year, as much as I love going to my in-laws and spending time with my nieces and watching the kids open all their gifts together I am keeping my family home on Christmas Eve. I want to show them a little of the magic I experienced as a child. I loved watching a Christmas movie with my family, putting out milk and cookies for Santa and heading off to bed eagerly waiting to hear Santa’s bells or his reindeer on my roof so I could catch him in the act of putting out gifts. I always feel asleep and in the morning was so upset that I had missed him. In the morning we would wait for our parents to get him by lifting my dad’s eye lids and shouting it’s Christmas. My parents had told us that if we headed downstairs without them all the gifts would disappear due to Christmas Magic.  I just want to give my kids a little of that feeling. That excitement of not being able to fall asleep because Santa was coming is something that is so short lived and impossible to do if we are opening gifts on Christmas Eve with colorful tags that read from Santa already under the tree when we arrive at our Abeula’s.  Leaving my in-laws last year after finally opening gifts and heading home with 2 kids at 12:30 a.m. Having them wake when the car door opens, putting them in bed and racing to get ready for the morning while still getting some sleep is ridiculous.  I am really looking forward to starting some old and some new traditions for Christmas Eve with my little family.     

Funny that this post started as what I love about Christmas and ended up being a wordy rant about doing things my way finally but oh well it is my friggin blog!

As a child Christmas meant being with family, obviously getting gifts, playing with my sisters, eating good food, going to church and singing with the choir, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas shows.  What’s not to love?

The traditions I hope to continue with my own children are:

Putting up our Little People manger and covering baby Jesus

Watching Christmas shows

Reading a Christmas story

Making Christmas cookies and putting them out for Santa along with some milk and carrots for his reindeer

Throwing some oats and sparkles to the front door so they can find the way.

Putting a gold skeleton key with a red ribbon on our doorknob because our fireplace is closed off at the moment.

Writing Santa a thank you note

Adopting a Christmas Angel from the Post Office

Wearing Christmas PJ’s and heading off to bed with a “Santa’s coming,” “I love you” and a kiss

Waking in the morning to their excitement as they head out to the living room to excited to wait for Mom and Dad to put in their contacts and brush their teeth.

A flurry of wrapping paper and squeals of excitement when they open something they have been eyeing or talking about for the past 2 months.

Opening box after box containing too many wires affixing the toys to the highly marketed packaging.  

Making breakfast and putting together toys with too many parts.

It sounds like work but I can’t wait.

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Me, Myself and I & The Big Orange Cone


Saturday I stepped outside my comfort zone and headed out to a club alone. My husband handed me $40 bucks and told me to go enjoy myself at The Castle Tavern where The Big Orange Cone would be performing.

He told me that I needed to go out more, get away from the kids for a bit, and enjoy myself. I told him that I would much rather go out with him or a friend and that going alone didn’t sound like a good time to me. He said we don’t have a babysitter yet and the closest family is an hour away so there was no way for the both of us to head out but that it was close enough, and if I hated it I could just come home.

I honestly didn’t want to go. It was 9:30 p.m., I was comfortable for the night, and I just wanted to hang out home with him. He talked about it for about 20 minutes and I started thinking that maybe I could just go for an hour and be done with it. He helped me pick out clothes (a black, low cut shirt, black crop jeans and flip flops), and stuck the money in my bra, gave me a pat on the ass and said, “have a good time.”

I walked out the door thinking, have a good time? Alone? How? I had gone out alone in the past but it had always been to see a band I knew personally playing somewhere or to a bar I tended at where I knew the workers as well as the regulars. This was going to be very different.

I parked in the very crowded parking lot and walked to the door. The guys at the door asked for my ID (yippy, I am 41 so being asked for ID is always a thrill), I gave my $10 cover, got my of age to drink wristband and walked in. The club was crowded already but I found a open spot at the bar to place my order (a Yuengling) right away.

The saddest part of the evening to me was hearing the same conversation over and over again. Desperate older women (around my age) asking people “how old do you think I am” or “can you guess my age” as if they looked so much younger than they were.

I found a semi quiet corner which was really hard to do and called my friend Sheress on to see if she was up to meeting me. She had just got home and was bathing her kids and putting them to bed.  Oh well, I guess I was alone on this one.

The band started getting on the stage and I headed over for a front row standing position (definitely no seating available). I position myself right in front of a speaker and waited for the drums to take over the beat of my heart.

The band was good, and I stayed for a whole set (which surprised me), made my way to the door and drove home.

My husband was waiting to find out about my evening. He wanted to know how many people talked to me. I had to tell him none because honestly there was no way for anyone to even try. He was shocked because he insists I am so hot that everyone should have tried. I love him for that. I would love to see myself through his eyes just once.

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So Annoying…but I will move on and picture has nothing to do with post


This weekend I was getting a personal sized Weight Watcher’s Chocolate Mint Ice Cream out of the freezer thinking it’s 9:30 p.m but my stomach is killing me and mint really helps me. It’s Weight Watcher’s and I want it damn it. I am going to be 41 years old and if I want ice cream at 9:30 p.m. I am going to eat it.

I sit down to enjoy the very small serving of mint ice cream for my belly when a voice pierces the darkend room with the filtered blue streaks of light coming from the TV; “is that ice cream?”

It is my husband the Spartan who has been working on his body for the the past 4-5 months.

“Yup, it is” I say with a flip of my spoon.

“You should be upset with yourself” he says. “It’s 9:30!” he adds.

“Ah huh” I mutter.

FYI to anyone who thinks this was a loving gesture from a caring husband – there are ways to discuss calories and eating habits this was not one of them.

End of conversation.

The annoying part of this is that I have been here before. I had a boyfriend who used to discuss what I ate and talk about how disgusting I was that I started throwing up so that I wouldn’t be “so fat and disgusting that I can’t even get hard over you.” (btw…exact quote word for word. I won’t forget it until the day I die). I was bulemic for 5 years.

I was a size 5 then and I am a size 10/12 now (2-3 sizes bigger and 2 kids later), I refuse to be told what, when and how much I can eat unless I solicite such information.

So  will end this post with a shake of my head, a flip of my spoon and a big fat Rachel Ray tribute, Yum-Oh!