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Thursday Thirteen – Mother’s Day Gifts That Would Rock My World


My Thursday Thirteen is stretching it a bit much but hey it is MY Thursday 13.
In no particular order, I give you my Thursday 13.
1. A night with hello…my favorite celebrity male Josh Holloway. God damn, that would be the last gift I would ever need thank you very much. Here is my Eye Candy post from last month. He is just yummy and hey I know he’s married and all but so am I. My husband totally wouldn’t mind, would you hunny?

2. Canon EOS 12.8 Mega Pixel SLR digital camera. It sells for about $3,200 so this is just about as out of range as Josh. Oh well. I said things that would rock my world and well, this would.

3. More in the range of a possible gift would be through my cable company. I would love to have DVR capability. I hate missing some of my favorite shows and I wish that it was possible for my husband and I to record things for when there is absolutely nothing on the 380 channels we currently have.
4. I am a sucker for infomercials which is why I don’t watch them. Buttttttt, about 2 years ago I saw an infomercial for Magic Legs and have it written on my dry erase board since. It is reasonably priced at $125.00 and folds up nice and neat for storage.
5. Since I am discussing exercise equipment, I would really LOOOOVE an elliptical trainer.

6. I need a bigger vehicle but right now with gas prices this would actually be my last choice. My choice would be a Toyota Sienna. Nice, big, roomy and the kids would be far away from each other. I want it in red or Metallic Blue. Nice!
7. It would be awesome to have a pool in my backyard. We have a lake near us but honestly, I am hardly a lake person. I love seeing the bottom and knowing there are no fish or weird things in the water that I cannot see.
8. A golf cart to get to the beach would be awesome though. A nice 4 seater that would take us there and back would be fun.
9. Wii Fit.
10. A plasma TV that would hang above our fire place and give us so much more room in our living room.
11. A new stove. We have a stove that came with the house. It is cira 1974 and only 2 of the 4 burners work and that is when they want to. I would love one of those easy clean cook tops would be nice.
12. A new vacuum cleaner. I really, really good one like a Dyson, Ball HEPA upright. I hate my rugs but mostly I hate them because my vacuum really sucks and not literally which is what a vacuum is supposed to do.
13. A night at a hotel with my husband and my kids. I would love to enjoy the pool during the day and then get room service at night. We can’t go on a vacation right now, which is what we really need, but this would be great too.
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Thursday Thirteen – My Favorite Songs – 5th Edition

13 of my Favorite Songs in random order (For a complete list and video, head over to Maria’s Space.

This is actually really hard. I love music and there are so many songs that I love.

1. Black – Pearl Jam – God damn I love this song. I love everything Pearl Jam. His voice, the words, the depth of the songs. The last line in particular gots me everytime. There was a time in my life when I played that line over and over. “I know one day you’ll have a beautiful life, I know be a star in someone else’s skye, why (especially this word) can’t it be me?

2. Like the way I do – Melissa Etheridge – There is nothing I don’t like of Melissa’s but this song really spoke to me. I love the grainy, tough, strong quality in her voice but in this song in particular you can feel the passion, hurt, anger, you feel when you just want someone so bad but have to compete with someone else.

3. The River – Bruce Springsteen – God damn I love this song. Springsteen rocks and always will. This song is so friggin good. It is hard to pick a favorite of Springsteen’s work. His words are strong, sexy, meaningful and full of life. Love him. Simply the BOSS.

4. Round Here – Counting Crows- I played this Cassette until it was unplayable. What is not to love? My name is in the song and who doesn’t want to hear someone say, “she’s always on my mind”? Ahhh…if only.

5. With Arms Wide Open – Creed – With songs like What’s This Life For (close tie for favorite Creed song), My Sacrifice, Torn, My Own Prison, What if, One Last Breath it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite. I love the singer’s voice, the words, the meaning of the songs. I had high hopes for this band. I found the singer and the guitar player grrr…sexy as hell but like most awesome bands they crashed and burned and all I have left are a few great songs. This song in particular speaks of when he first heard he was going to have a son and what he wished for his son. I sang this song to my belly when I was expecting my son.

6. Boy’s of Summer – Don Henley – One of the best songs ever written. I get such warm feelings when I hear this song. I reminds me of quiet moments on warm summer days, riding in a car, wind in my hair, heading back from the beach.

7. Crash – Dave Matthews – Such a friggin sexy song. Dave is the bomb. I’ll crash into him any day!

8. If -Bread- One of my favorite songs to sing. It is simply beautiful and it reminds me of my childhood. This was on the radio all the time in 1971.

9. Space Between – Dave Matthews – Dave sings words I would pay to hear someone say to me. “You cannot quit me so quicky, Will I hold you again” and my favorite, “Take my hand because we’re walking out of here.” A wet Dave playing a guitar in the video doesn’t hurt either.

10. Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow is just a beautiful song. It is really hard to pick a Manilow favorite for me because well, I love MANILOW. The music is beautiful as most Manilow songs are but it is the lyrics in this one that I love. It makes me tear up everytime.

When will our eyes meet
When can I touch you
When will this strong yearning end
And when will I hold you again

11. Lonestar is another band that just has some heartwrenching songs. I am all about the heart. Take care of my heart and you have me for life. So when I first heard Amazed, I was hooked. Who wouldn’t want someone to say these things to them just once in life?

12. Foo Fighters are another band that I love most everything from but my favorite would probably be Everlong or Hero, or Best of You. OK, I guess it would be Everlong. Such a great song.

Breathe out
So I can breathe you in

13. Edge of Seventeen– Stevie Nicks – I adore Stevie and Fleetwood Mac so actually picking a favorite is like asking me to chose a favorite between my children(Sara, Dreams, The Chain, Leather and Lace, Landslide, Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen). Impossible! Edge with it’s guitar intro and Stevie’s flowing shawl still gives me chills. Growing up in the 70’s circa 1975 every girl wanted to be Stevie. We wanted her hair, we wanted to dress like her, sound like her, she was the S-H-I-T. One regret for me is that I have never seen her in concert. She is one hot, talented chick, one of the best female song writers of all time and she still rocks. For me, she is the VOICE of the 70’s and the original Goddess.

The clouds…never expect it…
when it rains
But the sea changes colours…
but the sea…
Does not change
And so…with the slow…graceful flow..
of age
I went forth…with an age old…
desire…to please
On the edge of…seventeen

This is Stevie to me!!

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Thursday Thirteen – My Favorite Bloggers

I thought this was going to be easy but I love different bloggers for different reasons. It was really hard to chose only 13. If you are not on here, it is not because I don’t love reading you.

My blogs are actually my favorite because I love reading back on the last 3 years. Seeing how much my children have changed, grown and how witty I can be. I tend to see myself as the wallflower. I watch all the other people in my life and think damn they are witty, smart, funny, etc. Blogging actually allows me, to really see me.

These bloggers are not listed in any order other than how they appear on my Blogline list.

1. Little Turkey – or Emily’s Mom. She just had her second baby and she writes the way you would expect a friend to talk. I have never heard her voice but I know her voice you know what I mean.

2. Giving Mommy – Or Beautiful Baby Maker. She is a mom of 2 and makes the most beautiful kids you have ever seen. She is crafty and sweet. She doesn’t blog as often as I would love but she probably has a life and I obviously don’t.

3. My Splatter Painted Life or Lindsey. Has a fun, colorful blog with beautiful pictures and loads of toddler stories filled information on raising a toddler.

4.Holli of Life is What You Make It or Baby Faith is probably if you twisted my arm and demanded that I answer the Who is your favorite blogger while shining an annoying, piercing light into my blood shot eyes my favorite. I go to her blog first after checking comments on mine. She is witty, funny, smart,honest, an amazingly talented photographer and her daughter is adorable. With her blog you will get shear honesty. She puts it out there and lets you think what you want. I love that about people. I love people who just do their thing and let everyone else do their’s.

5. Kim and Tiff of Girls Talkin Smack (don’t you love the title?) are just down right funny and entertaining. I love their Idol Talk and spoilers.

6. Kristine of Random and Odd is another one who is an awesome photographer. I love her honesty and her candor as she writes about her life.

7.Flip Flop Mama has a creative, quick read feel. I love that she writes small posts and I feel that I got something out of them. Her blog is inspirational.

8. Blog That Mommy is another visual appealing blog. I love her stories and pictures. She has over 55,000 vistors so she must be doing something right.

9. 5 Minutes for Mom is another great site. The writers are twin sisters and they use fact, humor and creativity to run this site. Whether you are looking for the latest, greatest gift idea for moms, contests, thought inspiring posts about parenting or just want to want to see who else is out there in the parent blogging world, check them out.

10. Blue Yonder is an awesome Mommy blogger. I love the inspiring, beautiful picture of her kids. I love her stories and I have lurked forever.

11. Raising Pennsylvania or BEEEEKKKKKKKKK Mom of Munchie is my only personal friend on the blogsphere. She is funny, witty and quick. Her blog allows me to remain informed of her life and her daughters’s milestones. I love reading it.

12. Notes from the Trenches is so fun to read. Her pictures are amazing and her kids adorable. She is so funny I actually laugh out loud.

13.The Busy Dad Blog is my only male blogger on the list. Not the only male I read but as I stated before I could only list 13 (hence Thursday Thirteen). He is funny, and a talented writer. I love that a dad has decided to write about fathering.

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Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I love Being A Mom

1. The unsolicited kisses – who doesn’t want one of those?

2. Waking up to a sleepy little one walking over to me and saying, “good morning Mom” with their arms raised for me to lift and kiss them good morning.

3. Getting to re-read some of my childhood books with an eager audience.

4. Feeling those little arms around my neck when I lift them up.

5. Getting to play with Play doh, Barbies, Crayons, Little People, pretend food and baby dolls without someone looking at me funny.

6. The smell of the top of my kids head and the little soft spot under their chin.

7. Being able to grab a handful of baby butt and squeezing anytime I want. Love that little baby butt.

8. The smile they get on their face whenever I look at them.

9. Waking next to them every morning.

10. Hearing them bless me in their prayers at night.

11. Listening to them talking to each other the way I talk to them.

12. Loving someone so deeply it makes you want to cry.

13. The biggest reason I love being a mom if my kids make me smile more than anyone else in the world. I laugh every day.

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Thirteen Thursday – My Internet Musts.

Here are links to thirteen of my internet must.

Thirteen Sites I look at every day
1. Bloglines – Is always first.

2. You Tube is where I go for all my video needs.

3. Webkinz is the last site I go to. We have pets to fee and gardening to do.

4. Chotskies My other blog. Where I write all the things not pertaining to my kids.

5. Big Huge Labs – is awesome for photo fun.

6. Yahoo – My favorite search engine.

7. Television without Pitty – Just fun.

8. EBay – I sell a ton of stuff on there.

9. Flickr – Tons of inspiration.

10. The Sims On Stage – Just for fun.

11. Parent Dish – Great resource for parents.

12. Wordless Wednesday – Where I go to find interesting blogs.

13. Starfall – Great site for preschoolers.

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